New Audi TT 3rd-Generation, 2013 unveiling for 2014

To say the rumors sounding the new Audi TT 3rd-Generation are confusing would be an understatement, especially when it comes to the expected unveiling of the 3rd-gen Audi TT to press. We’ve heard over the last month that Audi want to recapture what had been achieved with the original TT, and this is primarily talking about the impact seen, so you can expect the 3rd-gen Audi TT to head back to this design and combine elements with the current model.

The new Audi TT 3rd-Generation unveiling — we first heard at the start of September that the new Audi TT would be unveiled in 2014 as a coupe, although lovers of the roadster can expect another model a few months later. It seems that things have changed slightly since we heard that news, and within the last couple of days we’ve heard that the next Audi TT could be showcased as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, although we have seen a few concept photos doing the rounds that you can read about in this article.

Are you considering a purchase of the new 3rd-Generation Audi TT, and if so what is on your wish list? Another article found here looks at the next Audi TT returning to its roots, and does so in more detail by explaining the expected architecture and how the chassis, engine, and other specs will likely change. The author notes a 2014 Audi TT release and unveiling in 2013, so hit the comments with what you want to see on this new model and are you happy with Audi taking a step back slightly?

Written by Chris Cook

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