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Nabi 2 time controls app and good morning song

How many times has your child asked to use your tablet, only for them to ask for your help or come back with dirty smudges and food over it? This is something that is a huge problem for parents and so look for ways to resolve this issue, and the easiest way would be to purchase a tablet designed just for children.

We know there are several options on the market, with the Nabi 2 Android tablet being just one example. It was only yesterday when we looked at a few reviews to see just how good this child’s tablet is, and so today we thought you might want to learn more about the time controls app.

The Nabi Time Controls app allows you to see what your child has been doing on the Nabi 2 tablet, not only can you view usage details but also crate time limits and give them rewards if they stick to these times without creating a fuss, which is illustrated in the first video below.

Control how long your child can use the Nabi 2 tablet
Control how long your child can use the Nabi 2 tablet

Marketing the Nabi 2 tablet is very important as we get closer to Christmas, and so the second video we have below is the Good Morning song. There is another Good Morning song commercial, which the kids seem to love.

The final video is what happens on your Nabi tablet when your time is up, which is yet another great way to help stimulate kids and show they have been well behaved.

Written by Peter Chubb

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