MySpace Put On Notice: Your Thoughts?

Over the past few months’ things have been going from bad to worse for MySpace — the once dominant force in social networking. There is a planned revamp of the website in the UK this month, but this has still not stopped owners, News Corp from putting MySpace on notice.

The reason for the urgency to improve things is due to the $156 million loss for News Corp for their digital and other activities side of the business. This is certainly a sad time for MySpace, which once was a popular destination for millions of people around the world.

The biggest issue for MySpace was due to the fact that users were jumping ship and making the move to Facebook, which had many more features to offer. The troubling thing is, even with all the news of the revamp, things are still going south.

According to an article on cmumusicnews, New Corp investors are not happy that MySpace is a huge issue; the social networking website has been told that they need to get things back on track, or they will pull the plug.

What are your thoughts if MySpace is shut down?

Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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  • Jan

    MySpace 3.0 is TOTALLY HORRIBLE! Myspace thought they were losing accounts before??? It is about to get a whole lot worswe for them. It seems that account users are hating the new m/s and are canceling accounts left and right. After all…..If we wanted a boring, UNpersonalized, difficult to use account to connect with friends…we might as well just get a FACEBOOK account. Let people choose which M/S version they want to use just lije you did when you went from 1.0 to 2.0.

  • diedra

    I agree with Bianca S. 1.0 was great. I can tell you now there are so many people talking about leaving and going to facebook; sitemodel etc.. because of the changes. I myself have figured out 3.0 to the best of my ability but the homepage is VERY user UNFRIENDLY. If anything I think myspace should offer a choice as to if you want to use the new myspace or convert back to the old one. A lot of people simply don't like change, so to force a huge change upon them is not a good move in business much less if you really want people to stay. I don't know, just my opinion. Users should be given the option.

  • Trey

    Who thought myspace 3.0 was a good ideal it looks like utter crap go back to 1.0 problem solved.

  • Bianca S.

    MYSPACE. Please go back to 1.0, you have no idea how many people on my Myspace page have posted statuses about that. And I have always been on Myspace because I have all my friends from other places I can talk to. GO BACK TO 1.0 PLEASE PLEASE. The 3.0 is so CONFUSING and MESSY. 1.0 was WONDERFUL and so easy to use. A lot of my friends have said they aren't getting on Myspace because of the 3.0 change. You can't write more than 500 characters? What is up with that?? People talk a crap load and 500 characters..come on. BRING 1.0 BACK!!!

  • Annette

    Put MySpace back where it was when i joined over 5 years ago…A happy place,a place to make friends and have fun..We need that personal touch again..I dont care for Facebook or Twitter they are over the top and it saddens me that i might lose what is a big part of my life.. Please dont change it!!!!

  • lady448

    i think myspace is much better than facebook you can do more things with it i think facebook is dull i would hate to lose myspace

  • processdrone

    It will be a terrible loss for musicians & music seekers. Facebook has yet to deal successfully with putting music on display & cross promoting etc in fact it's entirely useless to musicians.

    Meanwhile Myspace lost out to facebook because facebook conveyed an addictive urgency in the user despite being awkward to use. Myspace reacted by sacrificing its easy to use interface to look more like FBs awkward one (which was clearly the bad point about facebook altho' it's improved a little since) & forgetting all about conveying urgency in a news feed until it was too late ( and never properly) that was what sold facebook to users.
    I'm not talking about 20/20 hindsight here, I was saying all this as it was happening years ago.
    I'll miss myspace a great deal but I can't think of any time ever when the public have ever said "hey lets go back to the old thing we used to use before this"

    I genuinely preferred myspace but there was no one left to talk to.

  • Constance X

    As someone who has logged in to Myspace just about every day since Jan 07, I find this very distressing. Myspace never recognized its own strengths, and does not seem to care about who is using it. I saw it as a socially-enhanced blog host; I could write a blog and find an audience for it. The ability to lay in graphics and videos was important, but slowed by its mommynet fingering attitude. The code has always been hinky, regressing periodically to old ways. The social controls, and especially the implied reciprocity of friendship were important to me — a very important social statement — and they were unique to Myspace. Too bad they hired Facebook execs and started chasing Facebook, starting with L&F … I kind of wonder if they ever made a UX map, or considered what makes staying power for its users. One time I looked into advertising on Myspace — they wanted me to upload my sized graphic before I could get even general information … 'nuf.
    Constance X

  • Jo Barber

    I for one would hate to lose you as My Space will always be the tops for me..I love the bands,music and the fact that you can be creative with your page , unlike facebook which is simply boring.

  • Methyxa

    I’ll be heart broken if MySpace shuts down. Yes it’s a sad thing people have shifted to Facebook. I find nothing good at Facebook, no offense intended, but, I myself went to Facebook & returned to MySpace, even though I don’t get any friends in touch with me. I still don’t want MySpace to close.

  • Lol see?

    Basically, that's what Myspace gets for trying to be like Facebook, they made things worse.
    The homepages suck ass. They should of left it where you had to choose your homepage fronts. They asked for opinions and stuff.
    Even when people disagree'd that the new things look shitty, they still post it.
    That's also what they get for not listening to the fellow Myspacers.
    I hate Facebook. I can't see what the hell I'm doing on it. I like how colourful Myspace was and how cool you can change the pages people see with Divs and all. Now look, the newest ver. ya can't comment no ones photo's can't barely find the comments. It looks like they just try to make crap extremely short and sweet but a cluttermess.
    Don't get me wrong, I been on Myspace since o6. I miss the old days y'know?
    I'm dissapointed because tons of folk left for FB and I swear I ain't going to FB >_>
    Lesson learn for you soon, Myspace.

    • Vaspers

      Twitter is going down the same path, giving users "features" they never asked for, while ignoring requests for things users really do want. The new Twitter is a mess.

  • Darren

    They have done too much to be like facebook, and like other shave already said, I don't like facebook because you can't customize your profiles like you can, or at least used to on myspace. Every time I try to alter the code it just reverts to the new profile layout which is probably the worst one they've ever created. What they should do is stop messing with the bits most users loved (i.e individuality) and focus more on creating interactive content that people can get involved in, like contests that display rankings of people/profiles of who took part and how well they did. Myspace still has a dedicated following of users capable of rivaling if not exceeding the vast majority of other networks. Two more things that don't help are how it has now become 'cool' to hate myspace, and people who think that talking about how myspace is going down the tubes will give them credibility.

    As for Newscorp, if they don't know how to market a product then why the hell are they in business.

  • utter

    Rupert Murdoch seems to follow trends and finds independent art interesting, while profitable. "They" have yet or just do not understand or care ,while failing to comply with the psychology of artists, independent artists made that site a threshold and home to avoid the mainstream, while creating a comfort zone. Newscorp incidentally ruined that haven by its intrusion. They could take it as an insult- but however their superficial assumption to which big business fosters growth from that population is a false conception. In fact the drastic changes they incurred while migrating major labels into the arena destroyed what made that site as it was. It would be nice if they understood that, opposed to continually being bashed for their use of independents, information, as some things are sacred to people, artists are extremely sensitive and non conformist, stepping in and controlling that scenario is stupidity. Bottom line dollar- the point of people and independent artists when migrated there was to escape that to which.

  • You haters have no life…. the new myspace is going to be fine… and the 3.0 profiles are more organized and much nicer!

    • Lady Cheryl

      Yeah well the Blog capability is practically non existent now ~ what was one of the main GREAT feature of my space has been rendered unusable!!!!

    • Mysty

      Except…..they don't work. I have been unable to move on My profile. The whole thing freezes. I have been trying to get my profile into some kind of order for ages, but it just freezes. It's unusable. What's the point?

  • perspicacious1

    who cares! the same for facebook.who cares? they are all a big waste of time.

  • Allie

    I agree with Jennifer, new myspace 3.0's suck. You can't make it your own like the old ones, it lacks the ability for those of use who want to show our creative side. Myspace lost another member.

  • vasya bricklyn

    I miss Geocities in its heyday. Even MySpaces piss poor HTML allowed individuality. Sadly, the masses have spoken- they all want to be cookie cutter clones. So have the advertisers- it's really hard to get credible advertisers when you've got people putting hate messages, racial slurs, attacks on religion, proud to be a bitch types flying their colors, pedophiles, etc..

    To this day, no one knows how to market a virtual social network- there is no value to them, especially when you have so called social networks full of private profiles. No one really knows why any of them work- other than being fad driven. Yahoo ate 4.7B on Geocities- it never made a return. Lets not forget AOL's 850M Bebo disaster, sold for pocket change a year later. Murdock bought MySpace for 580M- now it's also a liability- those servers cost money and do not run for free. So what do you do? Answer, you make navigation more difficult- more clicks- more website hits in an attempt to eek out some more revenue. That wears pretty thin on the users; along with some of the worst examples of taste ever displayed, no one should need to go out and buy a supercomputer and a T1 line just to navigate MySpace. History has shown that once these social networking sites lose favor, they sink. All MySpace is doing now is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    It's still the best platform for musicians, however from what I have seen in the new changes, it appears very intrusive to the users- I don't need amateur Tila Tequila's (now called "Curators") to tell me what I want to hear. I believe we need a new social network for musicians that reflects the effort of what musicians themselves want to put into it.

    • AveryJ

      Music and local bands was the whole reason I ever signed up for MySpace to begin with. I was saddened with the last update that to find the shows at the small venues in my area, I had to navigate through 4 page links instead of off the drop down menu. Now with the latest update, its just gone altogether… Unless I want to see Lady Gaga, Kane West or anything at the "Big Venues" in town.

    • Vasperrs

      It exists. It's called ReverbNation.

  • Dahui

    new 3.0 is Terrible im thru with myspace i dont even use facebook because i loved Myspace 2.0 it was custom and worked very well!

  • to bad for them

  • jennifer

    The new 3.0 profiles are completely dumb. Everything looked bunched up and it's just crappy. If they thought that the " new " myspace would get more members, WOW I feel sooooooooooo sorry for their bank accounts. The 3.0 purely sucks, Thanks and death to Myspace, offically!

  • I would feel extremely upset if MySpace were to be shutdown.I like all of the options u have to decorate your profile with,to make it fit your personality.I myself havnt switched to Facebook because I see nothing appealing about it,that MySpace doesn’t already offer.Honestly,if something called “MyFaceClick” came out boasting it was the new facebook,it’d slowly lose followers.

    • Lady Cheryl

      You will not have that option of designing your page any more with 3.0

  • 712

    Every time I log in Im attacked by a phoney virus scanner…
    Myspace is worried about making money but they forget the
    Users that cant get even on line.


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