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MW3 successor from Treyarch, Black Ops 2 fan favorite

Less than 24 hours after the release of Modern Warfare 3 Activision confirmed that another Call of Duty video game would arrive in 2012, based on previous release patterns we suspect that this game is going to be developed by Treyarch but what title do our readers want to see?

Roughly 2 weeks ago we set up a poll and we now have some insight from our readers regarding what they want next, 46% of votes suggested that they wanted Black Ops 2 next, whilst just 24% of people wanted to see World at War 2.

What’s interesting is the fact that 20% of our readers didn’t want either as they think Treyarch sucks, whilst just 10% said that they didn’t mind whether it be BLOps 2 or WaW 2 as they think Treyarch rocks.

We are not surprised to see that readers want Black Ops 2 more than World at War 2 as a modern-like setting and up-to-date weaponry seems to be much preferred to WWII, it’s a shame though as in my opinion World at War was a better and more enjoyable game.

We really think that Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 sales will play a big part in the next Call of Duty game, by this we mean that Treyarch will probably not take a risk and release a game which is set in WWII times as Activision’s last three CoD games have sold massively and set sales records. Perhaps Treyarch will shock us and release a new Call of Duty title which is neither a WaW or Black Ops sequel – what do you think?

Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

He began writing for Product Reviews in mid 2009 and has since expanded his knowledge across a wide-base of devices, he is looking to get more hands-on experience with new devices to gain a better understanding of the latest and greatest technologies.

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I can woop up on half you fools MW3 does blow I have video on about 5 headshots where the bulletproof hostile laughs and has time to shoot back then run away goooood job on that bull game black ops walks on top of MW3. Its just funny how I can have no deaths and more kills than everyone I play against or very few deaths and twice as many kills than my fellow gamers 75 percent of which my kills are headshots. MW3 is way glitchy not accurate and half the maps are super gay yes I said super… Read more »


I’m not the ugest Treyarch fan. I thought WaW was atrocious. Black Ops was much better than that but I still prefer teh MW series over it. I do however like several changes they made that MW3 failed to piggy back (dive, emblems, matchmaking options, etx). So new ideas would be enjoyable. The only real problems I had with the game were the lag issues and hit detection. Too many times half a clip would be fire to net a single hit marker, or a burst weapon only net one hit. I can count on one hand when all three… Read more »


treyarch message. You guys that play MW3 is the same graphix as MW@dc4831c175749d35ec421de5dd6583bd:disqus  so black ops you guys in treyarch should actully put different graphix i dont play mw3 but my friend told me in school.treyarch you guys should put 2 tomahawk the player hand thats fun and do i game that call Mager of magic weapon that you cast a spell you have your gun throw magic stuff!


Doesn’t matter what the hell they call it THE GAME WILL BE THE SAME PEOPLE!!! MW1 was awesome damn that epic after that been the same damn game made over they got me on MW2 and Black Ops vehicles in WAW were awesome (hint hint u idiots) I will never buy another COD game again unless weapons and destruction are added. BF3 GOTY and I’m an ex COD fanboy!!!


Treyarch should make a zombie mode for everbody because people want too have fun in christmas  make a zombie mode the background let say is snowing in moon and there christmas song that you need to find 3 prensent there will be house  go out side defeat zombie the zombie boss name will be snowing monster zombie i dont know but create the zombie mode in every war game. love you treyarch happy thanksgiving


treyarch should automicley put 10 player in kino tonten because can help other player survie little longer because everbody will have fun and play black ops the point is that 4 player vs bunch of zombie isn,t fair un enouth for for the world

Demetre Mamatsios

Definitely Black Ops 2 in already in development 


I thought Black Ops was a direct sequel to World at War. You had Reznov and Dimitri in it.
Although I’d like to see a Black Ops sequel with more Mason


Treyarc needs to STOP making CoD games! They F**ked up black ops big time! The only thing that Treyarc can do is zombies, they just need to make a huge a** zombies game with a finishing point.


Treyarch is seriously like the only hope for Call of Duty, they just need to improve on Black Ops, make Black Ops 2 and actually work on it. Keep the gameplay how it is, do a lot of balancing in terms of weapons and such, dont add a lot of accessories or killstreaks, balance perks, and thats it. Use the rest of the time they have on actual graphics, maybe new mode, and on fixing bugs or whatever technical problems they may have. Also I hope the keep customization and leave quickscoping out. Im serious about not adding a lot… Read more »


Yay another bug plagued game!!!

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