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MW3 full list of perks and pro abilities – your favorites?

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 roughly two months away we are beginning to find out lots about the game’s multiplayer elements, yesterday we spoke about a new game mode call Kill Confirmed, now we have a complete breakdown of the game’s perks and pro abilities.

Anyone who has played a Call of Duty game before should know about creating a class and choosing perks to suit the game mode they are playing, the question is what have Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games given gamers when it comes to MW3. Let’s start by saying that like previous games there are 3 perk slots available.

Your first perk can be either Recon, Sleight Of Hand, Blind Eye, Extreme Conditioning or Scavenger. Recon gives you the ability to see targets on the radar who have been damaged by explosives, once you unlock Recon Pro you will also see those who have been damaged by bullets. Sleight of Hand allows you to reload faster than usual, whilst Sleight Of Hand Pro will also allow you to swap your weapons faster. As for Blind Eye this makes you invisible to enemy air support and sentries, the pro ability gives launchers faster lock-on and extra damage to enemy air support. Extreme Conditioning has been seen before in MW2, this allows you to sprint longer and once pro you can climb obstacles faster. The final perk available in this slot is Scavenger, this allows you to replenish ammo from downed players, once pro you also start with extra magazines.

There are 5 perks to choose from in slot 2. Quickdraw lets you aim down the sight quickly, whilst Quickdraw Pro will also allow you to use equipment and grenades faster. Blast Shield is like Flak Jacket and reduces how much damage explosives have on you, Blast Shield Pro also makes you immune to Flash and Stun grenades. Hardline is something we have seen many times before, this allows you get killstreaks one kill eariler than normal, the pro ability ensures that deathstreaks require one less death and two assists count as 1 kill towards your next killstreaks reward. Assassin makes you undectable to heartbeat sensors, portable radars, thermal scopes and UAVs, the pro version of this perk ensures that enemies won’t see a red crosshair when they are aiming at you, not only this but you will be immune to the EMP and Counter-UAV. The final perk in this slot is Overkill, this allows you to carry two primary weapons, pro allows your 2nd primary weapon to have 2 attachments.

Finally there are 5 perks available for slot 3. Marksman allows you to identify enemies from farther away, whilst the pro ability will allow you to hold your breath for a longer period. Stalker allows you to move faster when aiming down the sight, once pro enemy claymores will be delayed. Sitrep lets you see enemy explosives and tactical insertions, whilst pro makes enemy footsteps louder. Steady Aim is pretty self-explanatory as it increases hip-fire accuracy, whilst pro lets you aim down the sight faster after sprinting. Dead Silence makes you silent, whilst pro ensures you don’t take damage from falling.

As you can see choosing just three of these perks for your class will be hard work, we would love to hear what perk setups will you choose for you different classes. For Team Deathmatch I will probably opt for Blind Eye, Quickdraw and Steady Aim. As for Search and Destroy I will probably use Sitrep combined with Assassin and Sleight of Hand. How about you?

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Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

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