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MW3 DLC ideas to enhance Survival Mode

A weekend of bad weather and new-year’s resolutions resulted in me staying at home for most of the weekend, therefore as I am a massive fan of Call of Duty Zombie mode I thought it was about time that I gave MW3’s Survival Mode a good try out. After dozens of hours of gameplay I have to admit that I am growing very fond of this horde mode, but I do think that DLC and updates could make it even greater – today I will share my ideas with you.

Perhaps the most obvious way to improve survival mode would be to add new maps, we are impressed by the fact that there are already 16 maps available, however we think its pretty much set-in-stone that more maps will arrive and we welcome them. Perhaps Infinity Ward will bring some classic maps from previous Modern Warfare games to survival mode, if so we think that Favela, Highrise, Invasion, Karachi, and Wasteland would all be great – what previous CoD maps would you like to see?

Adding maps is one way to diversify survival mode, but there’s a much simpler way which could come via a minor title update. At the moment maps are split into four tiers, Tier 1 consists of four maps which are set to ‘Easy’ in terms of difficulty, Tier 2 is unlocked at level 8 and the four maps in this Tier are ‘Regular’, the next four maps come at level 15 in Tier 3 and they are considered ‘Hard’, whilst at level 25 you unlock Tier 4’s Insane maps. We think that it would be great if you could choose which difficulty you played a map at, one example of this is Underground – this maps’s layout is great for survival, but it’s too easy, obviously higher waves get harder, but we’d much rather start off at a harder difficulty.

Another minor change which could make a huge difference is the player count, currently survival mode can be played with either 1 or 2 players, however in zombies there was room for up to 4. We think that bumping MW3 survival mode up to 4 players (max) would be great, in fact even 3 would be an improvement, it would make things easier, but undoubtedly allow you to reach higher waves than ever before and allow you to apply new tactics.

There’s plenty to purchase when battling your way through a game of survival, but could things improve? There’s always room for improvement in our opinion and here’s some ideas we’ve had. Firstly it would be nice if you could add proficiencies to your guns just like you can use in multiplayer, also why not add some more attachments? Examples include the heartbeat sensor, thermal scope and hybrid scope – what do you think?

Currently there are no options in terms of melee attacks except the standard knife, but why not add better weaponry like there was in zombies? The Bowie Knife and Sickle were great, but seem too old-fashioned to suit survival mode. We have been racking our brains trying to think about more up-to-date replacements, but can’t think of any, therefore feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

One gripe I have with survival mode is with the squads which you can deploy, the Delta Squad and Riot Shield Squad can come in handy, but they tend to get in the way far too often. We think that there should be a way to choose the area where these squads should hold down, perhaps when you call in the squad you could point to a certain area on a map and that’s where they’d stay until they get killed off.

Whilst we researched information for this article we saw lots of comments suggesting that the Air Support Armoury should feature offerings which are available as killstreak rewards in multiplayer, we disagree as it would be too easy to take hundreds of enemies out with things like the PaveLow, this also applies to calling in dogs – both ideas are rubbish in our opinion. One thing which would be welcomed by us is a more expensive sentry gun which doesn’t overheat quickly – perhaps you could independently buy upgrades for your deployed turrets – what do you think? Finally wouldn’t it be nice if you could throw decoys to confuse the enemy, especially Juggernauts!

As you can see we have lots of ideas and all of them are pretty sensible in our opinion, but before we leave you we have some other ideas which didn’t quite make the cut, we pondered about adding wonder weapons which randomly show up on the map, but we thought it would somewhat negate the ‘realistic’ feel of survival mode, we also thought about easter eggs, but you don’t get enough time between round (there’s no crawlers don’t forget)- one thing we want no-matter what is more achievements and trophies which reward hardcore survival mode gamers – agreed?

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Written by Jamie Pert

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