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Motorola S10-HD: New Bluetooth Headphones

A long time ago in 2006, we brought you news on a pair of Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth headphones. Since then we have mentioned other Bluetooth headphones, which include the JVC HA-NC250, Philips SHB6102 and Soyo HS11.

Motorola will now be launching their new wraparound designed headphones called the S10-HD, and according to an article written by Darren Murph over at engadget, these headphones will be available as from 24th October at Best Buy.

They have a lightweight design, are resistant to both water and sweat, also offer high definition audio. Other benefits these headphones provide are hydrophobic acoustic mesh, a micro-USB port that is used for charging and has a waterproof plug.

If this device is connected to your cell phone and you get a call, they will pause the music and then resume after it has ended. What is your opinion on the Motorola S10-HD headphones?

Written by Daniel Chubb

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I had the motorola s9 hd's and they sounded great, until i lost them. so i got the s10 and wish I didn't. the sound is terrible. I have a motorola driod 2 global, the stock music player is just ok, u cant adjust the sound it has no eq. Tried downloading a music player with a eq, hoping this would improve the sound coming out of the s10, it didnt they still sound like crap. I order them off of ebay and now looking on how to send them back. I have a pair of jabro halo's and they… Read more »


Looks like Motorola has come up with yet another way to get money from the Techy-Suckers out there. I had a pair of the original S-9 and they went belly up in just over one year, by not responding to button inputs. I whined and begged Motorola to replace them and they did so with the S-9 HD, which I have had for about one year now. Just today, the volume refused to increase while all the other buttons worked fine. Now what? Do I try to beg and while again, go buy an S-10 or just give up on… Read more »


There just arent many bluetooth stereo headphones for less than $70. So considering what they cost I like how they feel and sound quality is just OK.


Just bought the Motorola S10-HD, they sound kind of tinney, not nearly as good as my S9-HD's . They also don't play as loud as the s9's. I'm kind of dissappointed with the sound quality, but they are still good, just not great like the s-9's were. They are however more comfortable than the s9-HD's. Maybe if I experiment with the different earpieces that come with the headphones I may be able to get a better sound.


got a pair to replace s9 hd that dog ate, i dont feel they have as rich of a sound, bass was less and they dont have the surround sound, tiik them back and trying another pair as i might have just got a faulty pair, also volume would not go as high.

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