Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 review criticizes linear campaign

Modern Warfare 3 releases in a matter of hours, and if you needed further opinion from the gaming media world before going out to buy, we have an interesting review for you to read. Rather than an overwhemingly positive review though which you have probably already a lot of, this one points out a few criticisms of the game.

Criticisms you say for a Modern Warfare review? That is almost unheard of we agree as Call of Duty can seemingly do no wrong these days with gamers happy to put any criticisms aside just for the chance to play the next huge title in the franchise after Black Ops.

The review in question comes courtesy of PixelApocalypse though, as they have actually given the game an 81% percent out of 100, so it still cannot be deemded as a ‘poor’ review in any means. However, they have some criticisms about the single-player campaign in the game, complaining that it is too linear in their opinion and this is one of the factors of the game that ‘drive it into the mud.’ – Their words remember.

Here is a the key portion of their review to pay attention to: ”While Modern Warfare 3 sports a multiplayer as good if not better than Modern Warfare 2, the amazingly linear campaign really drags the game down into the mud. Why they even bother devoting resources to a campaign is beyond me. Just package up the multiplayer and sell it for $45, people will buy it!”

It gets even worse too, as the review continued to lay into the story mode: ”Modern Warfare 3′s story is comparable to Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Nobody really cares about what the hell Indiana Jones Jr. is talking about, we just want to see big robots scrapping in the front lawn. So when the game tries to illicit an emotional response to certain events it feels forced, rushed and out of place. There is a certain level of development a character has to go through for the audience to feel any kind of empathy towards them. That just isn’t the case with Modern Warfare 3, and key moments of the game fall flat because of it.”

Aside from their gripes about the single-player gameplay, you’ll be pleased to hear that all other aspects of the game come in for praise in their review, including mulitplayer, the graphics and replayability.

If you are someone who buys a game solely due to the single-player content, you may be left a little disappointed with the campaign and story line, based on this review. Having said that, this is just one opinion remember, so we look forward to hearing to hearing what other reviews say about the story mode featured in Modern Warfare 3, and whether or not it really is the weak point of the game.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you concerned about the quality of the single-player, or are you just buying the game for multiplayer above anything else? Check out the first 15 minutes from the game here.

Written by Alan Ng

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why is the mw2 expansion pack $60?

Jack Lamari

what? cod’s multiplayer is the same piece of crap produced every year, should down even more points on that.

Nick Anteau

OMG, COD is linear. well, no crap! it has always been that way, n00bs.


Uncharted 3 is linear. Half Life 2 is linear. Super Mario is linear. Portal is linear.

Are those games bad? No! I can deal with criticisms of the story, but the whole “linearity = bad” issue just screams “DERP DERP DERP”


The person who wrote this review must never played a call of duty game….its about gameplay, and if u played the previous games, the other characters DO matter, and the emotion toward dem were developed in previous games


seeing as sp is the ONLY reason to buy call of duty anymore, i don’t have much of a reason to buy it. i buy bf3 for multiplayer, bc they change things, i buy call of duty for the story, bc it’s usually good, the multiplayer just isnt worth it anymore, its been the same exact thing for the past 4 years


1: this is a review off of a review. wtf is that? If you haven’t played the game, how on EARTH could you do a decent review?
2: Who cares if the Campaign is lacking? Campaign for all the CoD’s haven’t been top notch, but they’re still a blast. The only piece of information in there that I truly cared about was ‘multiplayer is as good if not better than MW2’. (some may disagree, but don’t get me wrong, I love campaign)3: What was the point of this review? To bash on a campaign you never played? Why spend the time writing this crap?


I think a kid wrote this… A bf3 kid…


Agreed. A terrible review, really amateurish…


worst review ever.

Jordan Csigi

Battlefield 3 had the same thing wrong with it but meh it’s okay, most people that play this jump straight to multiplayer but the campaign is supposed to help you transition to multiplayer. The only game that does that really good so far is Uncharted 2 and 3. 

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