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Milo & Kate for Xbox 360 Kinect: New Gameplay Video Surfaces

Many Xbox 360 owners were left feeling rather disappointed back in September last year, when reports revealed that Lionhead’s ambitious Milo & Kate Kinect game had been canceled. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case, as a new gameplay video has recently surfaced online.

As Mike Jackson over on the website recently noted, the new video is seven minutes long, and features drama director John Dower (who was working on the said project). Not only does it provide us with an insightful overview, but also reveals a few new features and scenes.

The new features include Milo playing basketball with the player, exploring a forest, finding a paintball gun and then challenging the player, being frightened by a deer and even throwing a tantrum. You can watch the new seven-minute gameplay video below this post.

Shortly after the rumors began surfacing last year, Microsoft claimed that Lionhead’s project wasn’t really a product and that it was never announced as a game. Although this seemed to support the rumors that the game had been canned, the cancellation was never actually confirmed.

Do you think we will still get to see the release of the Milo & Kate game for the Xbox 360 Kinect?

Written by Tina Chubb

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The only reason I ever wanted Kinect in the first place was because of this game. I know for a fact that is true for many other people as I've had this discussion several time.
I really hope this game is realeased at some point this year. So far Kinect has been a waste of money.


So they cover the actor in points or little balls to track his movements… Hmmm there is something else that people say is crap that uses a ball as a tracking point. Why not track the actors movements with the kinect camera, I mean thats what its supposed to do best isnt it? Personally this seems all pipe dream stuff… it definatly wont be a 1 to 1 totally random interaction, which will be no where near what was advertised… Kinect has done hardly any of what it promised when it was first announced and thats why I've not bought… Read more »


not buying that

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