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Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Predicting 3rd-generation features

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is now eight months old, and so it is now time for us to start to think about the 3rd-generation model. It really isn’t too early, especially as Microsoft has a Surface event later this month, and there is a good chance that the Pro 3 could make an appearance, amongst other things.

We have high expectations for the Surface Pro 3 release because the Surface 2 was a vast improvement over the 1st-gen model, and so we expect to see Microsoft follow that pattern. The current Surface Pro gives the user the best of both worlds when it comes to entertainment and productivity, although it is clear to see Microsoft still has a way to go to catch up to rival tablets.

Having said that, Microsoft has always been reluctant to class the Surface Pro as a tablet, but what is it then? If Microsoft get things right, then the Surface Pro third-generation could become one of the most sought after tablets on the market, but that all depends on several factors. These factors are the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 specs, price and timing of its release date.

Surface Pro 3rd gen

Expected Surface Pro 3 specs — We expect the new model will make use of an Intel i7 processor, 8GB or even 16GB of RAM, and we expect it to offer the same storage options as the current model. The Surface Pro 3 needs to come with updated cameras because the Pro 2 only offers 720p camera, which isn’t really good enough now.

As for software, the Surface Pro 3 should come with the latest version of Windows 8.1, which offers even greater software support.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 price is expected to cost a little more than the Pro 2, which starts at $899. While it is widely suggested that the Surface Pro 3G will be released in September, we could be surprised by an early release. For more insight the video below explains what we can expect to see from the Surface Pro 3.

How would you change the Surface Pro 2?

Written by Peter Chubb

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NFC is the priority followed by wireless ac, at least 12 hours battery life at normal usage or more, 3D monitor, removable battery, waterproof, air gesture (kinect sensor), good quality flexible hinge like the Acer S7. ‘internal’ stylus dock, 12 megapixel rear camera/ 5 megapixel front camera. Cortana always on the go, extra GTX M-series GPU, USB 3.0, front facing speakers, multi directional microphones. Thats all people asked for, if MSFT make it, it’s going to hit the number one spot in the current tech market.


Better GPU
2x USB3.0 ports
Full-flex hinge
Full-size SD card reader


If the GPU gets a GOOD bump I’ll be all over this. I love my Surface Pro, and I can game on it fairly well, but I am ready for more GPU power so I can run things at 1080p and get decent framerates. I also want to jump into 3D modeling/animation on the go. A better GPU could certainly help with this especially if it was Nvidia or AMD integrated.

Steven O'Harra
Steven O'Harra

Surface Pro Most-desired features:
1- A replaceable battery as the Dell Venue 11 Pro
2- Allow legacy boot USB for all of us techies and linux folks.
(not to be confused with just the present restore USB)


There needs to be LTE data plan, GPS sensor, Wireless AC. Longer battery wouldn’t hurt.


If they manage to fit in a better GPU, and up the speed a little without sacrificing (and maybe even improving?) battery life, I will buy this the day it comes out.

Wael Nabil
Wael Nabil

How about this: I have just finished playing COD Black Ops II, and
before that I enjoyed Metro Last Light. This means that the darn SP2 is
capable like a Horse! let alone other hefty apps like Lightroom and
whatnot, I’m truthfully enjoying the SP2 to the max, with its 8 hours
battery life w/o the power cover, the haswell CPU is fantastic!


There needs to be better integrated graphics. The i5 core was fine but if the gpu portion were better it’d be an insta-buy for me no matter the cost.

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