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Men of War: Assault Squad Update Released – List of Improvements

If you’ve been experiencing any kind of issues whilst playing the WWII-based real-time strategy game Men of War: Assault Squad, then you might be pleased to know that the developer DigitalMindSoft has just released a brand new update for the popular PC game.

As Matt over at recently noted, the latest update contains a whole host of improvements including several bug fixes, texture upgrades and even some price adjustments. A couple of the new additions include a new MG42 3d model and a brand new menu background.

The update has also added a high res texture to the Jagdpanzer IV, a new Bazooka 3d model and a new PIAT 3d model. Players will also find that the DLC button in the main menu has now been changed to link to the right store, and the display icon for an empty vehicle has changed.

A few things have also been increased with the new Men of War: Assault Squad update. For example, the fire rate of the M1 Carbine has been increased slightly, the accuracy of the Panzerfaust 100 has now been increased, and the AI aggressiveness with the M1 Carbine has been increased.

In regards to the bug fixes, the update has fixed the small map issue, crashes that occurred in the multiplayer lobby, and the tank gun descriptions. You can read more about the improvements in the latest update over on website. Do you play the Men of War: Assault Squad game?

Written by Tina Chubb

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