Memorado Quick IQ Test storms Facebook

The Memorado Quick IQ Test has stormed Facebook over the past week with this intelligence quotient game going viral. There’s now well over 100,000 people liked the app on Facebook, and it couldn’t be easier to take the test and find out your score with an option to sign-in or not on

You might have already seen Facebook friends sharing their highest scores for the Memorado Quick IQ Test, although it isn’t entirely clear what should be classed as a very good score and exactly how you should take the result in terms of intelligence.

We’ve had a quick go in the office and none of us have let the time runout yet, although we’d imagine you would just see your result without being able to finish the questions. You can see a screenshot below that reveals one of the many questions and this one asks which word doesn’t fit from a selection of four.


You’ll also receive some questions that seem more like a puzzle or riddle, and a few of our readers might take a little longer to fully understand these. The aim is to test your memory, speed, logic, and concentration among other things.

There’s no doubt that if you take the Memorado Quick IQ Test a few times it will help your score, especially if you find it a little slow at first with answering the questions.

What’s your highest IQ score with the Memorado test? We’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers that have taken the timed test, and let’s see how the results compare in the comments. You can even share the highest score you’ve seen from Facebook friends.

We bet some people are trying to find cheats or ways to get a higher score, although the very best way to improve is to look for ways to improve your memory and mind. We’ve included a video below that demos exactly how it works. Thanks to OSM.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Savi0rJakeJennyTiemen StaalHerbert Gartner Recent comment authors

the WISC test gave me 145… this game gave me 134… i wonder which one I should trust…. >.<


Got 134, was a bit of a challenge on the brain, but nothing the education system doesn’t give every day


I got 128, while my real IQ is around that or higher. And they got my personality type down pat, too. So in my case, it was pretty accurate. Surprising for how short it was.

Tiemen Staal
Tiemen Staal

134, but I doubt it’s nearly sophisticated enough to be considered a recognzied IQ test.

Herbert Gartner
Herbert Gartner

I got 132. I want to know what the highest possible is on the facebook app, because I don’t know if is possible to do better than I did. Top 2% here.


A similar app has been in operation a few years ago. Are you familiar with Lumosity?


I think it’s pretty obvious that this test is a great marketing ploy to get people sharing it and driving traffic to their site. The lowest score you can get by answering every question wrong is 98 so there is only a 36 point difference from smartest to dumbest. It’s playing on our egos to share how smart we think we are.

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