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Medical use of Nintendo’s 3DS and Xbox 360’s Kinect

Not many people will think of the Nintendo 3DS or Xbox 360’s Kinect as medical aids, they may even think of them as a hindrance to your health, but the total opposite is being reported by U.S eye specialists and doctors.

It will be all to easy to remain skeptical about research by optometrists if on one hand they are saying its worth while trying this product on children younger than 6 (The Nintendo 3DS), and then also realizing that there eyes are not fully developed by this time. Nintendo make this very clear with warnings for the 3DS portable games system, and younger children.

AP is reporting that optometrists claim the Nintendo 3DS could ID vision issues, although our main concern would be whether it can cause any harm or adverse affects depending on the severity of the disorder. The two screen game device comes out in the U.S in March and much like the DS, the 3D screen will be the top screen, although 3D is only in the new games.

You can read exactly what is claimed to be possible in this article here, and while using the latest tech to help spot problems in our children is good, we’re confused how using the 3DS on young children could be a “godsend” considering Nintendo’s advice. What do you think?

In some related news, it is also being claimed that the Xbox 360’s Kinect can be used to “save time and prevent contamination in the operating room”. It sounds great that the Kinect could be used to during surgery for manipulating “key medical images”, although this use of a hands-free gaming accessory may worry some people. Have a read of the full details here, and let us know what you think about games tech being used in this way?

For those of you interested in playing 3D games rather than having this tech used to aid our health, check out Tom Clancy’s 3D games for the 3DS here.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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