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Medal Of Honor 2010: User Reviews after Release

It looks like EA’s recently released Medal of Honor reboot has come in for a fair amount of criticism after going on sale a few days ago. We told you how the official reviews were generally good, but the amount of negative user reviews are starting to grow.

We’ve taken a look at some of your feedback for the game, and while opinions are clearly divided on Medal of Honor, some of you are not too happy with the purchase after getting to grips with it for a few hours.

Complaints include issues with graphics, small multiplayer maps, and also the fact that the single player and multiplayer have been developed by two different companies is also a turn-off. Despite initial concerns about the single-player portion of the game, we’ve read that most of you are actually enjoying it, particularly the destructible environments that you come across.

If you have a brief user review that you’d like to submit to us, leave us a comment below with your opinions on the game. You can check out some initial user feedback here to see what people are saying about the game.

Do you agree with the criticism of Medal of Honor or not?

Written by Alan Ng

Alan has been working for Product-Reviews since 2009 and became the Editor-in-chief in 2014. He has a passion for technology, the latest mobile phones and gadgets, and the gaming industry. Alan is a graduate of Canterbury Christ Church University and completed a B.A in Commercial Music in 2008. While expressing a keen interest in all areas that PR cover, you'll usually find Alan in the gaming section, where he'll be keeping enthusiasts up to date on all the latest news and reviews for consoles and PC.

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  • Azazil

    Well for what its worth i think this game is pretty cool.I find it very relistic and enjoy every match i play.At first i hated it.seemed stupid getting killed all the time and not even seeing the guy who killed you,but i gave it some time and once you learn the maps not even campers would bother you.I think this game is not as bad as you guys make it to be.Sure unlike other FPS games its not as easy and running around aimlessly will get you killed no doubt but dont compare it to arcade style fps and say its bad.Without a doubt i can say MOH can be a lot of fun if you got the skills…

  • OneShot

    Spawn killing, under powered weapons. It can take an entire clip to take someone out at 50 yards. Not worth the money. Disappointed.

  • bugone

    i too dont like the game, and if i could i would ask for my money back.
    i preordered and got a closed beta key, but did my preorder come on release date,……NO.
    not good enough. so thinking this game is well worth it, i ordered the game AGAIN…
    the more i play it the more im convinced i dont like it. games are meant to be enjoyable, not unorganiseed caos… waiting for black ops….and never again will i trust activision…..

  • Tim

    Don't waste your money you will beat the campaign in less than a day.The online is the same 3 boards over and over.As far as realism awesome but it not worth 65.00.Trade in value 23.00.Lets go BLACK OPS……………..

  • paul

    like the rest of you people i also like mw2 very much.i was just gonna wait for the new black ops but i thought what the hell ill buy MOH,, how disapointed i am , you can barley see the enemy half the time and when u fineally do see one a mortar strike drops on youre head.. i tell you the only way to get a kill streak is to sit behind a rock and camp youre face off…back to call of duty for me…

  • skunkburner

    I would advise against buying this game! I have never felt the urge to complain about any game before. However, this game is awful! Don't get me wrong, it has the potential to be amazing. But EA clearly rushed this out, it is not finished! The gameplay lasts about 2 hours, ending abruptly with a cutscene video indicating another mission is starting before the credits inadvertently begin rolling! Then there's the graphics….amazing, when they work, however, more often than not it takes at least 40 seconds for them to be rendered. Leaving you thrown into a firefight consisting of expansive grey blurs and pixels before the image slowly begins to clear. Clearly not good for gameplay. Medal of Honor is also full of glitches, freezing at least once an each level requiring a re-load. All in all a complete let down and waste of £40! I've asked EA for a full refund. Not the way to do business!!!!!

  • janem

    Dont waste your money on an unfinished product, unless you just want to play on the single player, which is way short. Especially if you are the type of person who would like to air your views to EA games as this seems to be physically impossible…short of turning up in person at their offices as they dont have an online help facility unless you have an account number to share (which I am not prepared to do so). All I want is my money back for a wasted gift!!!!! If anyone can give me an address to contact them, then I would be most gratefull!!!!!!

  • Ronin

    I enjoy both BFBC and COD MW1&2, but I think this game has something that both of the previous titles do not! Realism, after playing the campaign of MW1&2 it just seems so far fetched and out of touch with the real world , which is fine but it is nice to play a game that hits home in reality. People bitch and complain that there are not enough guns in multiplayer and there is to much camping. Well guess what realistically there are only a few guns that either side uses and in a real war time situation you aren’t going to just sprint into an area throw a flash grenade and the mow down 4 enemy all by yourself and then sprint off! Maybe if you are Rambo! If you want a game that has a great campaign, amazing sound quality (very impressive sounds from the guns instead of just straight gunfire sounds coming from your guns you get a nice mechanical sound from the bolt as well! The multiplayer has kept me entertained for many days now it is a nice change from lame perks and unrealistic physic of mw2. Oh yeah and the mission you get to snipe with a .50 cal if epic I would say it was the best modern war campaign I have ever played! I am looking forward to more from MoH in the future the Iraq campaign would be very interesting the battle of faluhja (sp?) find saddam in his little rat hole or you could settle for anothe unrealistic story mode were Russian some how invade or country and take our capital….

  • Mike

    I think I've read enough.I'll wait for Black Ops.It's almost insulting that they would shove out a game this incomplete with Black Ops coming out in less than a month.Better to send out a finished product that will have good and sustained sales instead of trying to beat Black Ops out of the gate by releasing an incomplete product.

  • Jon

    I pre-ordered Medal of Honor and picked it up on the midnight release. I was shocked to find out that they only had about 50 pre-orders for Xbox 360, and 17 for PS3. This worried me a little.

    After receiving my copy, I went home, loaded it up, and entered my pre-order codes. Then I became extremely confused. The menus take quite a while to load, almost too long, especially compared to the flawless menu of Modern Warfare 2. Not only does it take too long, but it's pretty confusing initially.

    Initially, I was unsure how I liked the game. However, after a few games, I started to enjoy it. It's no Modern Warfare 2, not even closer, however it is a bit more realistic and it was a nice change of pace from playing MW2 constantly.

    However, the more I have played Medal of Honor, I am more and more upset over the quality of the game. To me, it appears the developers got lazy, and here's why.

    1) There is no "in-lobby" voice. So when you start up your group of people you want to play with, I'm sorry to tell you, but you must also start up an Xbox Live party or Private Chat, because the game doesn't support voice.
    2) "Playgroups" are limited to four people. You can only play with four of your friends. If you want to play with any more, tough luck, they'll have to join on you and hope to be on the same team.
    3)After a game ends, it immediately begins loading the next game. This is extremely convenient, however, you have absolutely no option to leave the game. Say you're playing Combat Mission and you'd like to switch to a new game type, sorry, you can't do that either. You have to wait for the next game to actually begin, go into the Start menus, and choose "Exit Game". You cannot "back out" before that.
    4)In-game identification. Nothing is more annoying than having someone's mic echoing, or that little kid screaming into his mic, and not being able to determine who it is. Seriously, what were the thinking? Just about every game shows the name of the person talking, why have they taken a step backwards? While we're at it, where's the in-game mute?
    5)Playground identification. If I'm playing with friends, I'd like to know where they're at on the mini-map. A bunch of white triangles doesn't help, at all.
    6)Hit-boxes/Lag. I'm not sure which this is, but I've noticed it many times. You'll get shot, once, maybe twice, but you're still alive. You'll run around the corner, duck behind a box, do whatever you have to, you're completely concealed and suddenly, you drop dead. The shots either are not registering immediately, or the hitboxes are too large or they're lagging behind.
    7)Map sizes are far too small for 12 on 12, period. Which leads to…
    8)Horrible spawn points. First, I know there is something wrong when the game starts, I spawn in, and a couple seconds later I am pushed forward because another player spawned *in the exact same place as me*, before we're even able to move!
    8b)To top it off, it's extremely easy to camp these spawns. All you need is one or two snipers covering the very few routes OUT of the spawn, and you'll be stuck in an endless cycle of trying to escape spawn.
    9)Weapon damage is too great. Listen, I understand this was made for realism, but I don't think I'm going to die from a bullet to the foot. Realistic or not, I don't want to get shot and die before I even have the ability to react. On top of that, there's even a hardcore mode? Regular mode is "more hardcore" than the Hardcore mode in Modern Warfare.
    9b)Explosives damage is too low. I understand a grenade isn't going to take out an entire squad, but don't tell me hitting the wall next to an enemy with an AT4 isn't going to kill them. Short of getting a direct-impact with a rocket/grenade, you won't even get hitmarkers.
    10)Audio cues. As I'm playing, I'm not constantly paying attention to the bottom left corner to see how progress is going. Give me some audio cues. If we're about to lose, yell at me. Tell me this. Every game I play, I'll be fighting, fighting, fighting and then suddenly, the game ends. Just ends. There's not even a short period of "fade to black" to end it, it just straight up ends and says you won or lost.

    There are many more problems with this game, but I feel these are the absolute most profound. The others are just extra tid-bits, that when added to this list, really, really affect the quality.

    All in all, MoH has an enjoyable multi-player, but the lack of simple and "standard" features really brings the game down to a low level. Whether you love or hate Modern Warfare2, Medal of Honor is still far below the quality of it. Maybe if some title updates are able to address these issues it'll have a greater chance, however from the looks of it, they were too lazy to do it in the first place, I don't see them having the motivation to fix it now, especially when it should have been fixed in Beta.

    • Alan Ng

      Great feedback Jon, thanks.

    • MOH Tag – jjstrick9

      Nice review job Jon, you are the first I have found on the web who clearly identifies specific issues with the gameplay. This is definitely a camping game, what is the point of running into the same bottleneck to die over and over again. I typically just play team assault, because it can last about 8 minutes, whereas others I have played last from 1-4 minutes, shit it takes longer for the game to load then actually playing some of the conquest games.

      What about the leveling up bullshit. I get to tier whatever level 10 or 11 and I get a veteran (camo) gun, whoo fucking wwhoo. Wait for it..if I get to level 12 or 13 then I can choose the enemy gun as an option, WTF, I can just pick it up from an enemy once I kill him??

      Also, I like to see how many stars I have, but i have not been able to find it unless I accidentally kill myself..awesome.

      I have played all COD, MW, and BFBC games and this game has been the most disappointing FPS. I'm going to try and sell it on craigslist or trade it in when COD comes out 11/9.

    • Mark

      Awesome Review Jon!!!! This is what EA and DICE need to read right here! They need to bring out a major patch which entitles to all these cons that could have been avoided if they had a real testing team! Little issues like this are making people run far from this game! I myself have been playing mw2 since release and when I heard this game was coming out 2 days prior to launch I was like: wth where was the advertising? We knew about the black-ops like 6 months in advance! Anyhow, I was waiting in line for the midnight release in total disappointment of how many people were there for the game release (Only 6 of us in a big city of Tampa, Florida!!). They could have spent a little more on advertising!!!! All in all, I feel that they rushed this game out to compete and re-route the black-op fans, and to get them to think maybe this game would be better since it's out first. The single player campaign was good and I didn't have any issues or complaints. They made it feel realistic and you felt like you were really fighting as a pack and covering each other etc… The end was sad and I wish there were no wars out there! I thought it was nice of them in the closing to honor and thank our troops fighting everyday and allowing us to have the freedom we have – Mark

    • SBum58

      everything you wrote out is dead on Jon… reading it i almost thought you were reading my mind when you wrote it.

      god i hope there are some fixes for this… i really need a back up game for Black Ops come Xmas time when all the little kiddies get it from Santa. im a Halo hater so please no one bring up the" Reach for my nut sack" game.. lol


      good post but you forgot the probloms with the mics. sometimes they work other times they dont

  • assmaster

    the game sucks the sweat off a dead mans balls

  • bronson szallar

    I believe the game is great over all the only down side is the bullet damage in hardcore in no where realistic i think they need to update that so that the game will truly be realistic

    • billy

      the entire multiplayer sux

  • SGT moore

    As a gammer and a army war veteran, I can honestly say this game is as close to the truth of what the war was really like in the beginning. I think if you want a game to show you what real soldiers are dealing with this game is for you. If your into all the bs with perks and zombies. Then true shooters are not for you that’s why there is call of duty. I tip my hat to the dev team on this one both for game play and story line, its about time a game showed the public the kind of shit we have to deal with day in and day out from a realistic stand point.

    • SSgt Poopie Face

      I’ve been deployed three times in a short 4 years. You’re an idiot. If you really want to see what it’s like to be in the Army then go play are you smarter than a 5th grader. Sgt “tough guy” over here needs to go back to grammar school.


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