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Mass Effect 3 Information Round-Up: Details We Know So Far

We’ve heard quite a bit about the much-anticipated Mass Effect 3 game over the past few weeks, what with all the new details being revealed and the recent news about the game’s unfortunate delay. Now it looks as though even more details have surfaced online.

For that reason, we thought we’d do information round up and provide our readers with all the details we know so far. For example, according to Matt Zakos at, characters both old and new will be making an appearance in the Mass Effect 3 game.

BioWare has already confirmed a number of Mass Effect 3 characters, including Liara, newcomer James Sanders and Admiral Anderson, although his exact role in the Mass Effect 3 game is not yet known. Mass Effect 3 will also see the return of the artificial intelligence EDI.

A few details about the storyline have also emerged recently, placing the setting of the game a few months after the events that are portrayed in ‘The Arrival’ DLC. Shepard will apparently visit a variety of locals throughout the game, and Sur’Kesh is one that has been mentioned.

Other locales mentioned include a Quarian desert world of Rannoch and the Turian home world Palaver. The game is also said to feature new lighting effects and ladders, which will allow for more vertical gameplay. Shepard will also be able to leap small gaps in Mass Effect 3.

Both class and combat have also been revamped for the next instalment. As previously mentioned, all of the classes will now have the ability to use all the weapon types. Reports have also suggested that the Mass Effect 3 game will feature an improved melee system.

You can read about the other details via website. Are you happy with all the details you’ve heard so far?

Written by Tina Chubb

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