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Mass Effect 2 Update Reveals Arrival DLC Release Plans

Recently BioWare rolled out a new patch for the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2, in the process it looks as if they may have inadvertently leaked some information regarding some new downloadable-content which is headed to the game.

A BioWare forum thread here shows how someone installed the patch and then checked the game’s trophies, here he saw some new trophies which spoke about the Arrival downloadable-content.

One of the trophies called “Covert Action” requires you to “Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention”, you can see a screenshot showing this trophy below it clearly shows that this takes place when playing the games “Arrival” downloadable-content.

At the moment it looks like the Arrival DLC may just be coming to the PS3, however we cannot yet confirm this, perhaps it will be released on Xbox Live as well, we will have to keep you posted.

In late January BioWare launched the Recon Operations Pack and the N7 Complete Arsenal Bundle, both of which were exclusive to the PS3 and consisted of weaponry and armor, as the “Arrival” DLC sounds like an extra chapter for the game it would be surprising to hear that this is PS3 only.

Will you purchase the Arrival DLC if and when it arrives?

Written by Jamie Pert

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  • AZU

    dude the complete arsenal bundle only came out exclusively for ps3 as the xbox already had all the dlc before hand only some were limited items ie terminus armour collector armour and the dr.pepper items but they had been on the xbox so they were released for ps3 arrival will most likely come out at same time cause it wuld be kinda stupid if they release one before the pc/360 copies which no offence are the true copies….as we get to make every import decision into mass effect 2 via mass effect 1


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