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Mass Effect 2 PS3 Review: Worth the Wait!

Now that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 — which as previously mentioned requires a rather large install — has made its way into stores in North America, the reviews have started coming in and it looks like it was definitely worth the wait!!

According to, the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 received an impressive score of 95 percent from CVG’s sister magazine PSM3. Not only did it say that the character models look even more lifelike on the PS3, but it also claims it to be the best version of the game.

Sarah Ditum from the website echoed the opinion of the previous review, by saying that there’s a noticeable step-up in the quality of the graphics compared to the Xbox 360 version. According to Sarah, the game has outstanding action, a huge depth of interaction and a compelling story.

In the meantime, Tom Pakinkis over at notes that the latest issue of GamesMaster magazine has given the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 a score of 93 percent. In fact, it even goes as far as claiming that it’s the one to buy over the Xbox 360 edition.

This is pretty much what Colin Moriarty from had to say in his review as well. Colin describes the PS3 edition as the best, most complete version of the game that’s available. As Colin notes, the Mass Effect 2 game features interesting characters, amazing voice acting and a stellar story.

You can read the full reviews through the links provided above. Have you played Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 yet? If so, what are your first impressions?

Written by Tina Chubb

Tina’s passion is gaming news, but you will find her exploring other tech stories. Follow Tina for the latest happenings in the gaming world with popular gaming devices, including PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and portable gaming on iOS, PSP, DS and more.


  • Jon

    Ps3 wins every time much better console and yes we have both consoles . Source : me .

  • Ant

    I own both consoles and my Ps3 definately looks better on my TV. We can argue about games til the cows come home. I prefer using my PS3 for multiformat games. Played about two levels of reach and it didnt do alot for me. I had the pleasure of playing ME2 first which I'm glad of. Stop getting so defensive about your preferred console and just enjoy it if you love it that much. You both get to play it. That's it. I'm glad I got the opportunity to play Fable and Gears ect. GT5 has been impeccable fun and much looking forward to ICO/Shadow of Colossus/Last Gaurdian releases next year. Not to mention Uncharted which I personally enjoyed. Pros and cons of both consoles. I'm just gutted I don't own a Wii for DK Country. You might argue over graphical power ect but when did that come infront of fun. I'll never enjoy a game as much as I did as some Atari ST games again and they had shit graphics. Rant Over. Grow up

  • Logan

    Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 rocks! It is definitely the version to get because it utilizes the power of the PS3 like SuperSaiyan_Guku just said. Plus Mass Effect 3 will be coming out to both systems at the same time and the PS3 version will again be the one with the best graphics.

    • marhorn

      The single biggest lie stupid people beleive is that the ps3 is better!

      • Stacey

        Dear lord man. Just because you think the Xbox is better doesn't make it so. Sales of something have absolutely nothing to do with how good it is. Look at cars, you see Chevy Cobalts and Pontiac G5's and G6's all over the road, but they are still a poorly designed car using inferior materials. And no, I don't dislike those cars, hell I drive a new Charger which has more plastic in it than a Barbie factory, but I'm also not going to slam anyone who owns those vehicles.
        So yah, Xbox might sell a LITTLE better than the PS3, but that has NOTHING to do with how good it is, it's all just personal preference. I'm glad you like your Xbox, I really am but it's no excuse to start slamming the PS3 and the people (like myself) who enjoy theirs quite a bit.

        • marhorn

          No one is slamming the people like you (and myself) who enjoy the ps3! Just the idoits (see assorted above) who beleive that the ps3 graphics are better for every game!

          And I am from Scotland so I dont see those cars

        • Stacey

          Ah, understood my friend. And don't worry about not seeing those cars, you're not missing much!

  • marhorn

    OH MY GOD ITS THE BEST VERSION OF THE GAME? Who cares? theres more games on the Xbox 360 that look better compared to the ps3 than visa versa! Xbox 360 had it first, il tell you how it ends….Sheperd dies! haahahahahaha

    • SuperSaiyan_Goku

      Marhorn it's Ok, take a chill pill, Think with your full brain we all know that the PS3 has more exclusives and more better looking games then Xbox360. Hell did any Xbox360 exclusives win VGA's GOTY yet no, so chill. OK but yes the PS3 has more to offer then the Xbox360 in terms of power so that's what you get a better looking game with more content because of Bluray and the Cell Processor…(^_^)

      • marhorn

        Yeah thats why the Xbox 360 sold more every year since release! Bluray? the thing cant even spin fast enough to play! Games on ps3 have the worst loading times ever and perpetually load through the game! every 10 steps you take in killzone it has to load which makes the game look like its skipping constantly! But yes all cross platform games look better on Xbox 360. WAKE UP! XBOX 360 HAS WON! MASTER CHIEF KILLED YOU!

        (in fact just go back to sleep)

        • Steve-o

          When I was playing Halo Reach a loading message appeared every time I moved forward a few feet, and it didn't even look as good as Killzone 2. Reach also had massive frame rate issues. So much for your precious Xbox being any better in this regard.

          All cross platform games don't look better on 360, just the ones that are lead developed on 360. Games lead developed on PS3 may be rarer, but you need look at the likes of Lords of Shadow, Burnout Paradise and, of course, FFXIII to see the 360 can fail in every way the PS3 can depending on the situation.

          Anyway, have fun with your overpriced Kinect eyetoy there buddy, not that you have much choice seeing as there are no more real 360 exclusives coming thanks to that overpriced child's toy.

        • marhorn

          Funny that, if what you are saying was true then how come Reach is bought and held in higher regards by a lot more people? you mentioned 3 games that 2 of look better on ps3!

          You have a wand! even more than that you have a wand that looks like a sex toy! Kinect is going to get better and better (its already destroyed the move) Steel battalion, Gears of war exile, Panzer dragoon, Codename D!

          psn hasnt even EVER made a profit! its useless! go right now and try to get a match online with a game like marvel vs capcom or ultimate mortal kombat 3….YOU CANT COS NO ONE IS THERE! there is always someone on Xbox live 24/7

  • Sam

    Great, but my redeem code isn't working… Bummer.


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