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Mass Effect 2 PS3 Review: Worth the Wait!

Now that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 — which as previously mentioned requires a rather large install — has made its way into stores in North America, the reviews have started coming in and it looks like it was definitely worth the wait!!

According to, the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 received an impressive score of 95 percent from CVG’s sister magazine PSM3. Not only did it say that the character models look even more lifelike on the PS3, but it also claims it to be the best version of the game.

Sarah Ditum from the website echoed the opinion of the previous review, by saying that there’s a noticeable step-up in the quality of the graphics compared to the Xbox 360 version. According to Sarah, the game has outstanding action, a huge depth of interaction and a compelling story.

In the meantime, Tom Pakinkis over at notes that the latest issue of GamesMaster magazine has given the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 a score of 93 percent. In fact, it even goes as far as claiming that it’s the one to buy over the Xbox 360 edition.

This is pretty much what Colin Moriarty from had to say in his review as well. Colin describes the PS3 edition as the best, most complete version of the game that’s available. As Colin notes, the Mass Effect 2 game features interesting characters, amazing voice acting and a stellar story.

You can read the full reviews through the links provided above. Have you played Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 yet? If so, what are your first impressions?

Written by Tina Chubb

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Ps3 wins every time much better console and yes we have both consoles . Source : me .


I own both consoles and my Ps3 definately looks better on my TV. We can argue about games til the cows come home. I prefer using my PS3 for multiformat games. Played about two levels of reach and it didnt do alot for me. I had the pleasure of playing ME2 first which I'm glad of. Stop getting so defensive about your preferred console and just enjoy it if you love it that much. You both get to play it. That's it. I'm glad I got the opportunity to play Fable and Gears ect. GT5 has been impeccable fun and… Read more »


Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 rocks! It is definitely the version to get because it utilizes the power of the PS3 like SuperSaiyan_Guku just said. Plus Mass Effect 3 will be coming out to both systems at the same time and the PS3 version will again be the one with the best graphics.


OH MY GOD ITS THE BEST VERSION OF THE GAME? Who cares? theres more games on the Xbox 360 that look better compared to the ps3 than visa versa! Xbox 360 had it first, il tell you how it ends….Sheperd dies! haahahahahaha


Great, but my redeem code isn't working… Bummer.

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