Marvel Future Fight 3.0 new features so far

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2017

Update: Even more new details on Future Fight’s big 3.0 update have finally been revealed by Netmarble! Skip to the bottom of this article for all we know so far plus rumors that we have heard online!

Original article: Marvel Future Fight is the extremely popular iOS and Android game from Korean developers Netmarble. There are millions of players worldwide and all of them are now waiting to find out when the next Marvel Future Fight update for April 2017 is.

We’ve set up this page so we can let you know about all Future Fight patch notes when they are released by Netmarble. These will involve the mid month T2 updates that won’t require a physical update, followed by the end of month updates which we are now up to Future Fight version 2.9.5.

What are you hoping to see for the next Future Fight update, aka patch 3.0.0 in terms of new characters, uniforms, T2 abilities and end game content?


A lot of players are hoping that Netmarble adds more ways to decrease the amount of time needed to grind content, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear that recent updates have been quality of life improvements designed to speed up daily tasks.

Keep tracking this page as we’ll let you know when the next set of Future Fight 2.9.6 or 3.0.0 patch notes are released along with any leaks or rumors.

Update: It looks like we may have our first information on Marvel Future Fight 3.0 introducing a new mode called Alliance Domination or Alliance Conquest to the game.

Thanks to leaks via Reddit user qfuw, Netmarble is planning what looks to be a big mode with the next update and we are assuming that this will currently take the form of the locked Alliance mode that you see in the game at the moment.


We don’t know the exact details yet, but leaks inside the code suggest that this mode is going to reward players with Alliance Memento, Alliance Store EXP and also Alliance Points.

Also leaked from the same source is rewards for the Global Character Ranking system that Netmarble introduced with 2.9.5.

We could now see gold, uniform upgrade kits and biometric selectors given away during events that need a certain character and depending on how high your character is ranked will depend on which prizes you will be able to win.

Sound exciting to you? Stay tuned for more leaks as we get it – give us your thoughts on the upcoming 3.0 update below.

Update 2: At last, here is the first official tease for 3.0. It is going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 themed update, with the teaser image below confirming that Mantis will be a new playable character!


If you adjust the brightness on the image above, you can clearly see that Mantis is featured so if you want to recruit her straight away you better start saving up your resources!


We still believe the leaked features such as Alliance Domination are coming soon, so it is shaping up to be a massive update.

Stay tuned for the next tease which will be coming soon. What else do you want to see for the MFF 3.0 patch? Tell us below!

Update 3: A new teaser from Netmarble confirms Mantis as a new character, but also new uniforms for Groot as Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon.


You can see what the new models will look like above – what do you think?

Also new is confirmation of a World Boss Ultimate Mode! This is going to be an extra challenge for players that can now comfortably beat Thanos Infinity. We are going to predict that Dormammu will be a new boss, but the extra rewards will be exciting!

Give us your thoughts on the new teasers below!

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  • Doug W. Koehler

    Wish we had a target day for 3.0 to roll.

  • wiccan

    so baby groot is a uniform and not a new character? more crystals needed

  • Ericg

    can’t wait for mantis, but what about nova?? he needs to be in this game

  • KidKiaju

    2.9.5 looks sick! first op speed character, gotta get him

  • DiamondBack

    pretty annoying if dormammu becomes the best for super villain abx, just put everything into corvus ffs.

  • RogerKim

    so let me get this straight, it’s a straight up nerf to clea bios??

  • NgTurbo

    Another massive leak above guys. Excited for Karnak what about everyone else?

  • Moon Girl? Kid Kaiju? I understand that there are certain “complexities” due to Marvel’s licensing scenarios, but this is REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel. Starting to tarnish Marvel’s overall image, IMO.

  • Time to introduce Namor and the Cabal as the next end game content.

  • maytheschwartzbewithyou


    These are all Monsters Unleashed related, another comic book promotion update, can we get some characters that people really want in the game in one of these updates?

    • NgTurbo

      Couldn’t agree more. I guess it’s difficult to get some of them into the game though. Who you holding out for?

  • ONIT

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s 4 new characters but 2. Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl are likely to be a team character while Kid Kaiju and Hi-Vo are likely to be a team character too. Characters like Moon Girl and Kid Kaiju don’t have anything for a fight but their companions. Luna is just a genius and Kei’s power is to summon monsters by drawing them.

  • NgTurbo

    New details posted above, looks like this is the main content for 2.9.0! Hope you guys didn’t upgrade Elsa’s uni yet as the new one could be better…..

  • Tsaicat

    How long is the maintenance?

    • NgTurbo

      8 hours

  • NgTurbo

    Wow, what a huge update. What is everyone pumped for? Personally, I’m looking forward to the co op WB and getting extra bios.

  • chitgoks

    im not complaining on the possible update but i thought they usually release these new themes based on movies. aint thor 3: ragnarok going to be released november 2017?

    • Tamahj Jamison

      It’s only been 4 movies out since the release of the game back in April 2015,and that’s like 20 updates,and 10 months till Thor :Ragnarok gets released in the US.Not to mention the constant suggestions for Odin from fans.So it is really difficult to wait it out till the next movie.

  • boogeradornado

    Have they announced the release date yet?

  • Larus Foulger

    Loki was the power player before the T2 scheme came into being…looking forward to a T2 Loki! More Epic Quests, love it!! How about Thunderstrike, let Eric Masterson live again!!!

  • Cedric Sarmiento

    I hope they make the epic quest easier if they will introduce a new character like doctor strange. Newbies like me are having a hard time doing the Epic Quests 😵

    • NgTurbo

      Do you need any help cedric?

      • Cedric Sarmiento

        Just need tips on how to quickly level up 😭
        Also having a hard time on Epic Quests on the doctor strange event 😞

        • NgTurbo

          What task are you on? It takes time and you need to be able to get the shadowland selectors, to get the Dr Strange characters to 4-star, to advance quicker.

        • chitgoks

          the epic quests are not hard. they do take time though. if you wish to quicken the pace, google epic quest guides. that way you will know which materials to save up so you won’t get stuck for long.

  • NgTurbo

    New screenshot added above guys, looks like two new story chapters confirmed!

  • chitgoks

    i hope beta ray bill will be a uniform. having him as a separate character is too redundant

  • NgTurbo

    New T2 update added above! How many of you have max gears for a-force and black bolt?

  • Auschen

    Sif’s one of my favorite characters and she definitely needs a T2 upgrade.

  • Parableman

    There’s also Angela.

  • 相当不错,自愧不如!

  • NgTurbo

    Asgard content coming to Future Fight next, what characters do you want to see guys?

  • NgTurbo

    New T2 skill for Elsa looks insane. Who’s gonna use a ticket on her??

    • Mercenario Mark

      Don’t use a ticket on it, their bios are in villains siege

      • NgTurbo

        Yes, but isn’t it better to use 1000 chaos stones on BO instead of T2?