Future Fight Dr Strange Epic Quest task list

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2016

Netmarble has finally revealed some more details about the mysterious new Epic Quests in Marvel Future Fight, coming with the 2.6.0 patch and introduces Dr Strange to the game.

We have now learned that the only way to get Dr Strange in Future Fight is to play through these new Epic Quests. It also looks like you will not be able to use bio selectors, rank up tickets or mega rank up tickets on this character – but this is for good reason.

Dr Strange is going to be unlocked as a base Tier 2 character meaning that when you have finally completed Epic Quests, you will have a Tier 2 Dr Strange as a blast type waiting for you.


You can see a preview of the Future Fight Epic Quest task list above, while you can see the main modes that are selectable inside Epic Quest – these being Story, Research, Memory Mission and Dark Dimension.

Memory Missions also allow you to obtain Wong, Baron Mordo, Ancient One and Kaecilius, while you’ll have to play through Dark Dimension continuously to unlock Clea.

Take a look at Dr Strange’s amazing abilities and skills in Future Fight, as for an explanation on why he is locked away to the Epic Quest mode.


Once Epic Quests are available, we will be offering up a Epic Quest walkthrough for Future Fight to help you get Dr Strange quickly.

Until then, leave your thoughts below on this new mode and your reaction to Dr Strange’s skill set in Future Fight – massively overpowered or justified given his status in the Marvel Universe?

Update: The Epic Quests are now live for Future Fight and it is not going to be easy, as the understatement of the day. To get Dr Strange, it is going to be a long drawn out affair which will likely span months rather than weeks.

This is due to the fact that you need to get a rank 5 Clea, which can only be done with tickets and given the fact that she is only a shifter in the Dark Dimension mode.

On top of that you’ll need to get around 4200 Black Anti Matter, 25 million gold and 1200 Chaos Stones, so we hope you’ve been saving.

Check out the Marvel Future Fight Dr Strange Epic Quest task list here and let us know what you think or if you need help!

Update: Our Epic Quest is now complete, let us know if you need any help completing yours!


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  • Malsawma Hnamte

    Now I am at that stage where u need to get wong 4 star. After this understanding vishanti #3 is coming again. Will I need norn stones of brilliance for tat again?

  • Vaggelis Papadimos

    Hey,how can I get Baron Mordo up to 4 starts?I am a lvl 22 player and i have not completed the shadowland but i have some antimatters

  • shubham

    Hey will also add items we need to complete those task please? Like which norn stones we should save for future?

    • MrRickyrightfoot .

      So far where I am you need 1200 Omnipotent, 600 Brilliant, 200 Energy and 60 Strength. I think you will end up needing 2000 Dimensional Debris

  • Maulana Alan Rizka

    I’ve got stuck in Accompanied Growth.
    Does that mean that I must make Baron to 4star? any advice to make it fast?

    thank you

    • NgTurbo

      To get Baron 4 star fast, you can use selectors from Shadowland, or play his missions in Memory Mission. Also use daily selectors when you get a blast type.

  • Ryan Huston

    Sooo… how much Rank 1 Anti-matter should one need to make 10 Rank 3 Anti-matter? 🙁

    • Xadora

      If you go down a few posts…I asked the same question and NgTurbo was nice enough to respond but I still don’t quite understand.

      • Ryan Huston

        Yeah, I saw that.

        I know how to fuse it and whatnot. I’m just trying to figure out how much is needed and how long this is going to take.

        These farming missions are killin’ me. lol What part has you stumped so far?

        • Xadora

          The fusing! I have no clue. ><

        • NgTurbo

          Did you guys clear shadowland yet? Shadowland first time clear rewards give you a lot of black anti matter needed for the Epic Quests.

        • Xadora

          OMG I’m such a dork! All I had to do was click on the rank 1 antimatter in my inventory and then click on upgrade. I had NO idea it was so easy and it took 2 weeks! LOL

        • NgTurbo

          Haha, i did wonder..

  • Maulana Alan Rizka

    How to comple the book of vishanti 1? It is very hard to collect 200 energy stone

    any advice please??

    • Xadora

      Hiya! Keep an eye on the “featured” in the store, it updates every 10 mins. For example I see 75 energy stones for 300 crystals. You can also find them in your Lab in the item shop and you can use the converter…shows blast type (energy) today. You can also get them with honor tokens or repeat story missions that have the kind of stones you need. I’m sure there are more ways but that’s what I did to get mine. Good luck! =)

  • Xadora

    Hiya! I’m new here…so be nice! =P New to Future Fight as well, only been playing a couple months. I tried to look up how to acquire Rank 3 Black Anti-matter without success. Can someone explain how to get it plz? Is the Rank 1 up-gradable? Thanks!

    • NgTurbo

      Hi Xadora, to get Rank 3 Black Anti Matter, you need to use the Material Fusion on a World Boss character and combine Rank 1 BAM into Rank 3.. you get Rank 1 BAM from beating the world bosses everyday.

      • Xadora

        What is Material Fusion?

        • NgTurbo

          Go to any world boss character that you have and you will see material fusion in the bottom right corner.. there you can combine Rank 1 black anti matter into Rank 2 and then Rank 2 into 3.

        • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

          and if you have not yet successfully gotten one yet, then what? started the game during the halloween event, haven’t yet succeeded against a world boss even once yet (trying as hard and fast as I can to rank more story heroes to 6 atm), do I have to worry about the epic expiring before I can accumulate from scratch?

        • NgTurbo

          The Epic Quest won’t expire yet Zekk. Build a good Loki team first ( Ronan, Loki, Red Skull) as that will get you an easy win against most WB.

  • NgTurbo

    How is everyone getting on with the Epic Quest, anyone need any tips?

  • Funem

    I stockpiled stuff for ages and basically got to point 19 and have to wait to redo missions to carry on. I have about seven thousand clear ticket which should speed this up a bit, I had to by some stones in the Arena shop to help complete one task. Selectors and rank up tickets would also speed this up. How are you to earn bios for Strange to rank up his gear? Are they available from selectors as tier 2 characters usually are not.

    • NgTurbo

      No they are not, you can only rank Strange up from Epic Quest entirely, selectors only work on Mordo, Wong, Kaecilius, Ancient One and Hellstorm

      • Funem

        I know you can only rank him up by the epic quests, but so far you cant replay any if you have completed them. From what I have seen Strange can only rank up levels completing each quest, so if you cant get bios anywhere else, how do you rank up his gear ?

        • NgTurbo

          I think his gear ranks up automatically, as he’s a base Tier 2, everything will be 20 / 20 / 20 / 20

        • Funem

          I had to rank his gear the usual way. I have them at level 12 but no bios have been needed yet but he is only level 40 out of 45.

        • NgTurbo

          Yeah sorry I made a mistake Funem. You rank up his gear in the normal way and he costs extra gold just like Thanos.

  • NgTurbo

    How far is everyone on the Epic Quests so far??

    • Hendryk P

      Mine stuck in 17, collect green rock. And you??

      • NgTurbo

        I’m on the 4-star hero tasks, they will take a while if you don’t have selectors.