Mafia 3 1.05 patch notes MIA with customization trailer

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2016

Update: A new Mafia 3 update is now available to download. Skip to the bottom of this article for the Mafia 3 1.05 patch notes details as we get them, another batch of free content for you to enjoy!

Original article: Mafia 3 is finally here after weeks of waiting. We have a heads-up on all of the new Mafia 3 updates on PS4, Xbox One and PC now, letting you see all of the content that Hangar 13 adds to the game after release

Remember that Mafia 3 is a single-player only game, so all of the post launch patches will be fixing up bugs found in the campaign and making the gameplay a smoother one.

We know that the Mafia 3 Day One update on PS4 is version 1.02 specifically, so next should be the Mafia 3 1.05 patch or Title Update 3 depending on the format in which 2K plan to release – the last update was 1.04 which arrived November 9, 2016.


What Mafia 3 fixes or improvements do want to see added to single-player mode in the next update? We’ll keep an eye on all the Mafia 3 version history across PS4, Xbox One and PC then keep you updated when new patches drop.

We will post the full Mafia 3 Day One 1.05 patch notes soon, so stay tuned for those.

The next Mafia 3 update should be at the end of November or early December so we will keep you updated on when the next Mafia 3 patch is out.

Update: Mafia 3 1.05 patch is live and it adds a lot of cool new features. While 2K hasn’t posted a traditional patch notes list, they have given full details of the update here on their website.

New content includes car customization for up to 10 cars, car races with the opportunity to win the Griffin Marauder, new outfits and more – we’ve added a trailer below giving you a taster of the new features.

What are your thoughts on the new update? Let us know below!

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  • NgTurbo

    Anyone playing on the new update? What does everyone think! Gotta get that Griffin marauder

    • James Dang

      yeah ive just downloaded the update cant wait!

  • NgTurbo

    Mafia 3 1.04 update now live! Enjoy those free outfits. Added the general balance patch notes above.

  • NgTurbo

    New patch is live on PS4 guys! Version 1.03 should be out for everyone. Has your game improved?

    • LioN

      The only thing that I noticed is that now when I hit my car, the sound of the radio make a noise like bad signal LOL

      • Raimund Stein

        No, this is in version 1.02 too

  • NgTurbo

    Does anyone have their copy yet? We can confirm that there’s a big day one Mafia 3 patch and it is 2.6GB in size on PS4. We are expecting similar files for Xbox One and PC..