Madden NFL 17 1.12 update for major features

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2017

Madden NFL 17 is finally upon us and it’s great to see that EA are keeping up with regular post-launch patches to improve gameplay even further. Now we look at the Madden 17 update 1.12 to see what changes EA need to make in the next Madden 17 update.

Current version history: Madden NFL 17 is now on 1.11 which arrived to consoles on March 15, 2017. The latest Madden 17 update 1.10 patch notes is available through the link for a recap of what was changed in the game.


What can EA do to improve Madden 17 as a priority for you, compared to what we’ve seen so far in the minor updates since launch?

Let us know what you want to see in the next Madden 17 update and keep checking back when the update is about to go live as we’ll add the Madden NFL 17 1.12 patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One as soon as possible.

Are you enjoying the game, or do you have constant problems that need to be fixed?

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  • Amathyst

    I would like to see them fix the XP sliders in Franchise Mode/Create a Player. When you get the Superstar trait, raising XP to 300 results in you not getting all of your XP. I have realized if you turn it down to 222 XP under the sliders it works. But not 300. I like to progress my players more quickly. Quick, normal, and slow traits work fine with the 300 XP. If they could fix this I would be grateful!

  • Jeffrey

    wow, they finally fixed the gauntlet bug.. can’t believe it ea 😮

  • Daetron McClelland

    -“Player edit” body build edit option (like for create a player)
    -More realistic sim stats, for those “gem” of seasons: For QB’S (5,000+ yard seasons, with 45+ tds) WR’S (1800+ yards, 20+ td guys) LB’S (200+ tackle seasons)
    -Add “pancakes” stat for OL’S
    -Better man & zone coverage (mainly covering the flats, comeback routes, and short, in-routes)
    More consistent and fluid pass rushing animations, as well as differentiation between good/great O & D lineman from the average to bad ones.

  • lebroking

    i jus wanna know when they gona increase pack odds!!


    i jus wanna know when they gona increase pack odds!

  • dabrick

    julio jones update??

  • NgTurbo

    1.08 has just gone live guys, bit of a surprise update! As usual, waiting for EA to upload the notes to Facebook. What have you spotted so far?

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone else seeing a 2.5gb update??

    • TheBoulder88

      Yes waiting to see what it is

  • NgTurbo

    What does everyone need to see in the next Maddenl 17 update? Who fixes they should the glitch where the offense goes no huddle and my DT goes off sides randomly??