macOS Sierra update and new features

By Peter Chubb - Aug 16, 2016

It was not really a surprise to learn that Apple went with the name macOS Sierra rather than OS X 10.12 for their next operating system, which was finally announced to the world on June 13, 2016. We also saw the launch of iOS 10, watchOS 3 and the latest tvOS upgrade as well.

macOS Sierra2 features

What’s changed? The biggest improvement has to be Siri integration, which finally brings the personal assistant to Mac, as it has been so popular with iOS users. You will find that Siri for Mac has many of the same features as it does on the mobile platform, and so should make every day tasks that much simpler.

Photos also gets some improvements, such as deeper learning algorithms so that the software is able to recognise people, places and other such features. The search tool is also far more powerful than before, and we are sure users will love the new Memories tab to help put older pictures into greater perspective when they begin to resurface.

macOS Sierra features with emphasis on Continuity

As for Messages, this has also received an update so that it now contains rich links so you are able to preview web content, as well as viewing video clips within the app instead of opening them up in Safari. Messages for macOS Sierra also supports emoji and “Tapback” options just like iOS 10.

Apple has expanded the Continuity features within macOS Sierra, such as introducing a new “Auto Unlock” option for those with an Apple Watch owners. When the system knows that there is an uthenticated and unlocked Apple Watch nearby to your Mac it will then automatically unlock itself. There is no need to enter your password, and so this is just another way for Apple to get Mac users to purchase one of their watches.

We know there will be more features to come, and we will update this post once Apple reveals even more details over the next few beta versions of this OS. Having said that, you can also view the video below that takes a much closer look at these new features.

Latest macOS Sierra beta updates features

Apple recently released Beta 4 for devs and also Public Beta 3, not only to address a few bugs, but also to improve on some of the features that were already added.

please keep going back as new details emerge about this new Apple operating system.

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  • Sue

    Just not feeling this update for some reason, it;s because this is not the radical overhaul that I was expecting.

  • Jason

    It’s just so annoying that one or two features will not work on my iMac because it is a 2011 model.

  • Sophia

    Come on Apple, it’s about time you gave this OS a compete overall, and not just make a few things a bit more shiny.

  • Jake

    I’ve not really thought about what I would like to see from the next update too much. However, if I was to think of something from the top of my head, then I would like t see the Photo app improved because it’s just too basic.

  • Seb

    hmmmm, macOS 1 does sound rather better.

  • Charlie

    think it is hi time that Apple allowed us to mirror what’s on our Macs to our TVs without the need for an Apple TV, although this is very unlikely to happen.

  • Simon

    Now the thought of a complete redesigned iTunes does appeal to me, seeing as though since the introduction of Apple Music, the UI does seem that bit more difficult to navigate.

  • Greg Edwards

    Erm… OS X photos app has the editing feature of its iOS counterpart already. If anything, it’s the iOS version that needs to catch up with the OS X version. However, both need to catch up with their predecessors in iPhoto and Aperture, and get up to speed with Lightroom.

  • Dave

    can’t complain much about OS X, when I had my macbook 2years ago that OS X was running super smooth

  • Demonstr8r

    Fiji is not a place in California, so it doesn’t match the current naming theme.

  • Jenny

    Please, please, please give us Siri for Mac, as it would make so much easier when it comes to searching for things on the Mac or even on the Internet come to that.

  • Jack

    Yea, a Dark Mode would be kinda awesome, as I do a lot of work at night , and this would put less strain on my eyes.