LulzSec plays down arrest of British Teen

Today we have yet more hacking news and at the center of all the attention once again are the group LulzSec. Just when you thought we’d heard the last from the group they are claiming yet another hack. This time it’s the Brazilian government that is victims. The news comes as a teenager was arrested yesterday in connection with the LulzSec attacks.

The teenager is thought to be a key member of the group, though the group itself is playing down the arrest and instead are boasting this latest attack on the Brazilians. Yesterday we brought you news of the attack on SOCA, which LulzSec were also responsible for after posting a message on Twitter. They also taunted that they used their most abundant and least powerful ammunition.

According to the article at CNN the Brazilian government websites went down hours after a similar announcement from the group. They had apparently y interrupted the service of the sites forcing them to not load or function.

LulzSec taunted UK police in regards to the teenager arrested, being named Ryan Cleary, calling them ‘lame’ saying they are ‘desperate’ and that Cleary is ‘mildly associated’ with them at best. They claim they had only used his IRC server to host chat rooms, of which they have many. The suspect remains in custody but has not been charged.

The man was arrested in suspicion of being associated with the group and several attacks including the hacking of Sony Pictures. The group is thought to be responsible for the crippling of the CIA site as well, as they even tweeted boasting about it.

Also today we have news of a German hacker who is currently being sued by Sony. It appears the hacker, Alexander “Graf Chokolo” Egorenkov, who is facing a €1 million fine will instead be facing jail time for failing to raise enough funds for the court case. The company are suing him or attempting to restore Linux on the PS3 after it was officially removed by them.

GeoHot, who also famously hacked the PS3, was also sued by Sony except he was able to pay court fees thanks to several donations from his many followers. It seems a shame that the German faces a jail sentence but I guess he just wasn’t popular enough. Do you agree that hackers should face prison sentences? What are your thoughts on the group LulzSec and their arrogant boasting?

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Written by Chris Cook

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