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Loyal customers on Verizon’s Unlimited Data plan

Some of our readers might have heard how to stick with the Verizon Unlimited Data plan by now, which a need for this comes after Verizon Wireless announced they’re practically scrapping Unlimited Data plans in 2012. This will not affect those of you that don’t upgrade your smartphone continually, which allows you to stay with the Unlimited Data plan if you keep with your phone or upgrade to an unsubsidized phone.

New vs. loyal customers — it’s true that a new customer couldn’t walk into Verizon and get the same Unlimited Data plan that other customers have enjoyed for a while, but those loyal customers are being allowed to keep this plan at a cost. You’d need to buy a new phone at an unsubsidized price to keep unlimited data (includes LTE), this is not going to be cheap by any means, although this doesn’t sit well with all loyal customers.

If you’re happy to give up the Unlimited Data plan then Verizon will give you options ranging from 2GB to 10GB, and prices range from $30 to $80 at the time of writing. Those of you that didn’t use loads of data will not have a problem with this, but if you did then you might be a little upset at Verizon for making this change and being forced to pay high for a new phone to keep unlimited.

Are you a loyal Verizon customer that wants to keep the Unlimited Data plan? Initial reactions we’ve seen to this change have some customers feeling like Verizon know how to take their money but not look after them when they’re loyal. It’s obvious not every customer feels this way, but we’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Steve Brown

Well, I will keep with my unlimited data plan, for now… I also have insurance with my phone, so if my phone goes bad… they will have to honor the insurance, and i should be keeping my unlimited plan ..if not… maybe there will be a lawsuit pending if that happens…. other than that… if i really want to upgrade… i guess its time to move over to sprint… just as long as they keep the unlimited plan.

Jarrod Bush
Jarrod Bush

It a load of crap.  I’m saving my pennies now so that I can buy a Nexus straight from Google next year and take it where I want.


The blame on this should fall on federal regulators, they are allowing this, they allow capping data, they allow throttling of data from excessive users. Our government is allowing the rich to get filthy rich and on the backs of the general public.

John Friedson

 Loyal for many years, multiple family members, unlimited plan with I don’t abuse.  That being said, I’m on the Republic Wireless ‘wave’ waiting list, and expect to leave Verizon this summer.  If I’m going to pay full price for a phone, then I’d rather just pay $20 a month for unlimited ‘everything,’ even if it is at relatively slow 3G speeds when I’m not by wireless connection.  Republic uses wireless as the primary ‘line,’ and falls back to Sprint when wireless is not available.  The explosion in available wireless coverage, and Sprints improved coverage map make this possible, and for… Read more »


I have new family members coming on board with data needs. We are pretty average users. I think we may have so savings now, but as phone become more data dependent (better screens, more sophisticated apps) I bet data usage will go up exponentially.

Prefer Tablets

I have not heard about it… do not know whether to get happy or become sad

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