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Love You to Bits Android release date imminent

Everyone is waiting for any information on the highly anticipated Love You to Bits Android release date. It has been months and months of silence but finally we can bring you some good news for those that searching for news every day.

This extremely popular game on iOS has been getting rave reviews ever since its release and even more so in March 2017 after becoming part of Apple’s App of the Week free download.

Now the developers have had this to say on Twitter, confirming that Love You to Bits is coming out on Android in Spring 2017.


That means there is now a June deadline for the game, but hopefully we will see the game before the end of April and don’t forget with new levels as well.

New levels are coming to the iOS version in April so that should mean that they will be included in the Android release too.

Are you waiting to download Love You to Bits on Android? Let us know your thoughts on this game below!

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