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Losing unlimited data for iPhone 5

We looked a few days ago at Verizon’s Unlimited Data plan, which should be still available to customers as long as they stick with their existing phone or upgrade to one at full price (unsubsidized). Obviously certain Verizon customers are not happy with this news, especially thanks to phones being more data dependable just as the upcoming iPhone 5 is likely to be.

Some previously loyal Verizon customers are going to move away if they are made to make a choice like this, and have an opinion that “this is not rewarding loyalty“. Others clearly point blame not at Verizon Wireless but federal regulators for allowing capping and throttling of data in their opinion, and also add blame for this change with unlimited data plans. Would you agree with opinions like this?

Other phone users will buy a phone outright — we’re seeing an increasing amount of users starting to buy cell phones outright, rather than subsidized phones on long contracts, which includes an aim to buy direct at Google for a Nexus. This also applies to the iPhone 5, Apple’s 6th generation model, which should see a release date towards the end of 2012. There are also cheaper devices that are in the sights of buyers wanting to buy a phone and move to a network of their choosing.

The iPhone 5 will not be cheap if you plan on buying it outright, but would you lose your previous unlimited data just to get an iPhone 5 subsidized? Or would you rather find the money to buy the next iPhone outright and keep unlimited data with Verizon?

Newly formed iPhone Rumors has touched on this very issue, and point out that some of their readers have explained that losing the unlimited data plan would stop them buying an iPhone in 2012. Are you planning on buying the new iPhone, and how loyal are you to Verizon? You can also read about Steve Jobs alleged part in the new iPhone 5 redesign here.

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Daily Tech did a poll and 55% of the average users used under 500MB, 20% used up to 2GB, and 25% over 2GB. I at first thought not having unlimited would suck but after looking at my history a rarely break 1.5GB and I use my iPhone data all day. The ones who this will realy hurt are the users that stream media all the time.

Jeff Reisner
Jeff Reisner

I for one would never sacrifice my unlimited 4G (notice the capital G, AT&T!) for a subsidy. The phone will be in the range of 6 to 7 hundred dollars (may even hit 8 hundred dollars with the extra storage) when it is released most likely and still… for a savings of $350 to $450 (assuming a $250 contract price) would not sacrifice the unlimited LTE. I rushed to buy the POS* Thunderbolt (subjective but my opinion) because of the unlimited LTE offering knowing full well they would never sustain that offering. *My opinion is sustained by the facts below:… Read more »

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