Lizard Squad interview signals more Xbox One, PS4 attacks

Lizard Squad has finally given an interview by voice and the video has been uploaded to YouTube. The interview with one member of Lizard Squad, now with over 57,000 Twitter followers, took place with the well known YouTube channel DramaAlert.

Within this interview we heard a little about Lizard Squad’s plans for future Xbox One and PS4 launch games. This clearly revealed big launch titles would be their target and they proved they can take down the likes of Destiny servers, PSN, Twitch, and Xbox Live already.

There’s a number of massive releases coming to PS4 and Xbox One in the coming two months. We’d presume Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Grand Theft Auto V for PS4/XB1 would be two launches they’d like to disrupt.

These two games are certainly the biggest launches coming within the next two months, so could we see Lizard Squad planning to take down online play for both COD: Advanced Warfare and GTA V on launch day?

Take a look at the Lizard Squad interview within the video below, or visit their Twitter account here and contact them directly.

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Yeah just attention seekers, kinda sad really, the classic mistake thinking you wont get caught makes you reckless they are very unprofessional for a hacking group flaunting them selves all over the net, then not only jail time but they will lose everything, Sony/ms/blizzard etc will be able to hit them for loads of $$$$, plus of course they are classed as terrorists now due to the bomb threat, be great to see them caught would lmao, suppose they will be happy knowing they disrupted a gaming service now and again for nearly a whole day lol, so worth it… Read more »


Completely dumb. What is the point? This doesn’t do anything but piss off gamers.

Smallest Guys In The Room
Smallest Guys In The Room

Hello, authorities. This is commercial sabotage which is…um…entirely against the law. So is calling in bomb threats on planes. The next video interview I want to see with one of these criminals is with from an 8×8 cell regarding whether he or Bubba gets the top bunk. How hard could it be for the CIA/FBI to locate these criminals and stop this before it spreads. FBI put out a million dollar reward (I am sure MS, R*, Sony, Activision can stump up the cash) for info on the jacka$$ in the video. I know these guys spend a lot of… Read more »

Daniel evans
Daniel evans

im sorry but “up and rising hacking group!” i think not. he sounded like a teenager that is just doing DDOS attacks for no reason other than for fun. it doesnt matter how much developers, sony or microsoft spend on securing servers as DDOS attacks can allways be done to a server. i really dont get the point, its just annoying gamers more than anything.

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