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Licking Letters 1.1: Fun spelling game for iPhone

Try a great educational application for children to play and spell out words. Licking letters 1.1 is a fun spelling game for the iPhone. Help those little ones progress their spelling skills with this new app available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The idea is to get Hoppy the frog licking letters to create different words. Letters will pass across the screen and when a word contains the correct spelling, Hoppy will get Leapin Loot coins. Use the coins to purchase all types of different outfits for your frog. Licking Letters by Tenlin Studios has come up with the fun way to get children spell out words.

Licking Letters has three other bonus rounds to earn more coins. Alligator Ally will get you challenging the alligator to get the coins before he does, Frog Pond Bonus is where you have to touch Hoppy every time you see him avoiding the alligator and Leaping Loot Bonus gets you to touch the gold coins as they pop up but not the colored ones.

With 150 words available to spell out and a Hoppy help guide Licking Letters 1.1 also adjusts to the individual skill level of the child. Background changes will appear from day to night. No in-app purchases for added clothing are necessary, as there are thousands of outfits for Hoppy to choose. Licking Letters is great app aimed at 2-8 year olds.

Teaching kids to learn how to spell is the best way to get them to read. Licking Letters 1.1 is exciting fun spelling game to motivate children’s spelling. For more information watch the video below and visit the App Store.

Written by Marlon Votta

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