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Learn about Snakes, Reptiles and Amphibians with iOS apps

There are many things children and adults can learn about these cold-blooded creatures. Reptiles and amphibians are two different types of animals; the major differences are that reptiles live on land, in water, or both on land and in water. However, all amphibians are born in water and spend early part of their lives in water in form of larvae. The adults usually live on land; however, some may live on land as well as in water. Additionally all amphibians breathe through opening in their skins and mouth. Reptiles include four groups of animals – lizards and snakes, turtles, crocodiles, and tuatara. Amphibians include three groups of animals – frogs and toads, salamanders and caecilians. Snakes obviously have no legs, no visible ear, slow metabolism and sometimes constrict prey. We thought it would be a good idea to let you in on some educational apps on these amazing animals available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Reptiles by Levitate is available for $0.69 at the App Store. This application is an educational game that helps you learn about different reptiles from turtles to crocodiles through visual recognition. There is a fun multiple choice quiz format that monitors your progress as you play and learn. Remembering what you get wrong and right the app assists with learning. Browse reptiles just for fun with over 200 amazing pictures this is an addictive way of having educational fun.

Snakes by Levitate is accessible through the iTunes App Store for $0.99. Discover the addictive game that keeps you guessing about snakes. Find out about different snakes from cobras to rattlesnakes and browse through the facts and details. There are 75 pictures of a large variety of snakes. This is also an addictive educational app that you will not want to put down. You will have auto progress tracking to help you see how much you a learnt, checking on the parts you do not easily remember.

Reptiles of the World – eReptilesW by Search Life Forms is £9.99. This is an easy to use application available at the App Store. With over 450 life forms, every one is presented with an image, a textual description, and it’s taxonomy tree. Maps are also included for many of the life forms. Reptiles of the World can serve as a reference tool for biologists, educators and students. Search using common name, Latin name, and taxonomy and learn about lizards, turtles, alligators, crocodiles, snakes and more.

Audubon Reptiles and Amphibians — A Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians by Green Mountain Digital is $9.99 at the App Store. This is an essential guide to the reptiles and amphibians of North America. With in-depth species information on 428 reptiles and amphibians found in the US and Canada, you will find hundreds of high quality, professional photographs. Find out their location with range maps for every species detailing their position in North America. Search by multiple “advanced search” variables including size, shape, color and also first name, last name, and scientific name of every species.

Finding out about the animals using apps can be an easy way to learn specific details that might come in handy some day, especially if you are scared of them. Whether it is educating children and adults or useful information to use in a quiz. You never know when you might come up against one of these animals in the wild and valuable information can help you stay calm in an unexpected situation.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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