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Lack of iPhone 5 features, upgrade dilemma similar to 3GS

One week to the day we had hoped by some small miracle that Steve Jobs was going to announce a new iPhone model for 2011. However, we knew that it was not going to happen, just like we are uncertain as to what features it will come with, when it will be released and what it’s name will be. Let us say for arguments sake that this is to be called the iPhone 5; we feel that the recent news of the lack of features will leave us with the same upgrade dilemma that 3G users faced when Apple announced the 3GS.

Back towards the end of may there had been reports that the next iPhone 4S/5 was going to see an improvement made to the camera to an 8-megapixel, that now seems very unlikely if we are to believe a report from 9 to 5 Mac from a few days that ago suggests otherwise. Now we know that this news is now a few days old, but we felt that it warranted another look.

You see it is all well and good the likes of us all getting excited over a new iPhone, but are we jumping the gun again. I will be the first to tell you that I will be getting one of their new handsets when it finally makes it to market, but I cannot help but think that Apple is copping out.

The most prominent upgrade looks to be the dual-core processor, but that is about all we can see the new iPhone getting. There had been rumors that Apple will be going with a curved glass design, but now it seems that things will be staying the same. This is going back to 2009, when we faced the same issue. OK, so the 3GS was a vast improvement over the 3G, but we all felt that Apple could have done better.

How on earth does Apple expect to stay ahead of the game, when all they will offer is a few lack-luster upgrades to its hardware — and not all we might add? Now Apple might come out and say that it will benefit from all the iOS 5 upgrades, but so will the iPhone 4. Having been an iPhone user since 2007, I now feel as though friends who have the latest Android device are leaving me behind.

We always hear how they have a great mobile OS, and the fact that they have had dual-core processors for sometime; now we fear that this will now have a negative affect on Apple. OK, the iPhone has been the top selling handset for some time now, but we have seen how Android is eating into Apple’s market share year-on-year. To some they have one of the best handsets on the market with the Samsung Galaxy S II, and by the looks of it the new iPhone still might struggle when it comes to an outright fight with the hardware.

So there you have it, iPhone users could now face the same upgrade dilemma as they did in 2009; will you?

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