Kingmax 64GB microSD card, kingsize storage

When it comes to storage you can never have too much. Thanks to SD and microSD cards we are able to store our digital content from devices such as camcorders and digital cameras. Though the digital storage cards allow for easy access and management, meaning old content can be deleted and replaced with new content effortlessly even when full; it is sometimes handy to be able to keep old content whilst still being able to store more data.

Thanks to a company named Kingmax storing more content is possible with their 64GB microSD card. The tiny card packs a king-size storage as well as being a speed class 6 storage card, which means data stored is more easily managed and transferred.

The huge storage on the microSD also makes it the first on the planet to have such high capacity. Other features include SD 3.0 specs compatibility, its energy efficient so it prolongs the life of the device it is in and has a wear leveling algorithm.

As of yet there is no price or word of when it will be available but it is expected to be expensive. Check out the article at Kingmax by clicking the link above for more details about the card.

Would you be interested in a 64GB microSD card?

Written by Chris Cook

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