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Kim Kardashian game A-listers without cheats

There are those playing the Kim Kardashian game that don’t need cheats or to hack the system, instead they’ve reached the top ranks without any walkthrough and strangely without any real love for Kim Kardashian. The app has grown in popularity very rapidly and this is due to what you can do in the application, rather than loving the celebrity behind it.

We’ve already touched on Kardashian game cheats and those that use hacks to cheat the system, although today we wanted to highlight a blog article that features some of the so-called “A-listers” for the popular Android and iOS app.

Three Kim Kardashian game A-listers – you can see a quick profile of a few A-listers within this article on the Washington Post, which also highlights the fact these high profile players haven’t even followed the celebrity and opens a debate on what it means about the Kardashian game sensation expected to reach around $200 million in sales.

We see within the article a player from The Netherlands, Dallas, and Northern New Jersey. Two of the mobile gamers are 19 years old and the other is just 15, and while they’ve all watched at least one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, they don’t see themselves as fans. The group of players all reached the A-Lister status in about one week, or just over, and none of them spent any real world money on the app.

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood game tips given by these app players didn’t involve cheats, or hacks, but rather to start using activities with full energy at 1-3 hours to help star status in one sitting, go on dates regularly, and be very careful on what you spend money on or Kim points.

Do you feel the need to use cheats in games to save time, or are you happy to reach the top the natural way? Also, if you play the Kardashian game is it without cheats?

Take a look at the WP article for the full Q&A for these A-Listers, and then leave a comment below with your thoughts on this apparent app sensation that will certainly make Kim a lot of money.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Yes I do because the stars and options are so expensive I would rather pay the other 10 dollars for the game.


Is there a hack without surveys?

Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis

I was able to use a working cheat for the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game
that gave me stars, cash and unlimited energy. Here is the cheat: http://tinyurl .com/hollywoodhack

Kevin McCarty
Kevin McCarty

I use a hack for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that gave me unlimited cash and stars. Here it is: g4mehacks .com/kim-kardashian-hollywood-hack/

stephanie haro
stephanie haro

I made it to A list 68.8 million fans without cheats it was pretty hard as like time wise just waiting for energy but not so bad.

Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis

I found a cheat for the Kim K game that gave me stars, cash and unlimited energy! Here is where you can get the cheat: http://tinyurl. com/kimhack

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