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Keep informed on venomous and deadly animals with iPhone apps

Whether it is snakes, scorpions, spiders, lions, crocodiles, hippos or jellyfish there is always going to something to fear when it comes to creatures like these. The most poisonous animal in the world is the Golden Poison Frog. Although the biggest killer of humans in history is the mosquito. It is always wise to be informed about dangerous creatures. You could be going on holiday to somewhere like Australia where 9 out of 10 snakes are venomous or you make have caught something in your own house or garden that may be of concern. We have found a few apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that you might find interesting.

Most Poisonous Creatures by AppCore is available for $0.99 through the iTunes App Store. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch this app will let you in to the world of poisonous and venomous creatures with details on how deadly these creatures are. This app will teach you about facts like, poisonous creatures do not intend to hurt other creatures, and that is why they have bright colors. Use this app to share dangerous creatures with friends and family using email or the integrated Facebook.

The Deadliest Animals in the World by is $9.99. This app available at the App Store contains a collection of 10 books about the most dangerous animals. There are creatures the world over that pose serious threats to humans. Obtain valuable information about the Mosquito, Indian Cobra, Poison Dart Frog, Australian Box Jellyfish, Australian Saltwater Crocodile, Great White Shark, Lion and more with this great collection of books profiling ten of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Bites & Stings by CGM Australia Pty Ltd is available for $1.99 through the iTunes App Store. Using this great reference guide you will be able to define and identify some of the world’s most dangerous animals and what happens in the event of a bite. Take this app on trips as an easy to use guide while you are camping and hiking. Learn about each animal, their genealogy, identifying characteristics, physical description as well as their habitat. Get advice on symptoms and treatments with an easy search function for all animals. Although this application is not designed to be used in emergencies, as no application can replace a trained doctor and in the event of a bite or sting, you should always seek professional attention.

World’s Deadliest Animals by Space-0 is available at the App Store for $0.99. This informative app will give you information on over 40 of the world’s deadliest animals from the poison dart frog to Lions and Tigers. Find out about those animals responsible for human deaths including their habitat and much more. There is no internet connectivity required. You can change the font size for better reading experience, share with friends and relatives using Facebook, Twitter and email and add terminology to your favorites list.

Finding out about deadly animals using apps could help you identify a dangerous bite or sting and pass this information on to a doctor for a quicker diagnosis. You may find knowledge of these creatures can help will educational requirements. Out of the many apps available, we hope you find these interesting.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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