Karcher WV 50 review: Window cleaning made easy

Most of us take pride in our homes and realise that in order for our humble abode to look nice the windows needs to be clean, which for some is a bit of a chore. There are options such as hiring a window cleaner and this is still the safest option if you need to clean those windows on the second floor of your home on the outside.

However, if you are more interested in keeping the inside of your windows clean then the Karcher WV 50 looks to be the perfect tool for the job — well that’s according to the recent TV commercial we saw. We were sent this Window Cleaning Vacuum a few days ago, although we have to point out that we were not sent the spray bottle to make the cleaning process easier, but we made do with a sponge and some washing up liquid.

You’ll know from the moment you take the window vacuum from the box you have a Kärcher product in your hands because of the yellow and black plastic design, if their idea was for their products to stand out above the rest then they have already ticked that box.

The idea behind the Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum is to not only clean your windows to leave a streak free shine but also other surfaces, such as mirrors, tiles, condensation, cars and also spills on the floor — obviously not carpets though.

Having tried a number of different products in the past to clean my windows I was a little apprehensive, again we had to make do with using a different cleaning agent and applicator because of not being sent the correct accessories, but we were surprised at the results.

After cleaning the window we were left with a smeared wet surface, which was quickly sucked up to reveal a clean finish, and when we say clean we’re not joking because the results are shocking. Having got carried away (much to my wife’s delight) I found that the lightweight design was a big positive, as my hand did not ache after cleaning the windows in the conservatory. We would advise you to fully charge the device first, or you could get half way and the battery could die on you, which happened to me. The Kärcher Window Vac uses a lithium-ion battery, which can be charged with the adapter allowing you to clean those surfaces without a tangled cord getting in your way.

There is little to no mess because you can just use the spray applicator (seen below) and then the Vac will suck up the residue into its collector bottle, which you can then empty once full or when you have finished what you needed to clean.

I personally know someone with this device and they said by using the Kärcher cleaning solution and applicator they did say that it can leave streaks, so I was glad to have used a sponge and washing up liquid because I had a streak free finish — just something worth remembering. Having said that, we are told that after using the correct cleaning solution a few times your windows will not streak, so it’s up to you if you want to pay the extra or not?


Whatever way you look at it this Window Vac will make life much easier for you — well it did for me. For more details visit the official Kärcher website. Please let us know how you get on with this great little product.

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