Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll stock check for UK, US buyers

If you are looking for the most popular children’s dolls to buy this year, one of the most popular must have products to buy is the Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll.

Jo Jo’s smash hit ‘Boomerang’ has enjoyed massive success worldwide and has so far managed over 360 million views on YouTube since launch since 2016.

As a result of her popularity, it has led to her own product line and none appear to be more popular than the Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll which sings Boomerang back to you.


The problem is that this doll is sold out at most retailers, so we have set up this checker page for you to come back and find out when the Jo Jo Siwa Singing doll is back in stock in the US and UK online.

Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll USA stock as of [dateM] [dateY]:

At Walmart: Out of Stock

Target: Out of Stock

Amazon USA: In Stock! Double the price and only a new stock remaining.

Toys R Us: Out of stock.

Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll UK stock as of [dateM] [dateY]:

At Argos: Out of Stock.

At The Entertainer: In Stock! Limited to 1 per customer.

At Smyths: Available to Pre-order.

Tesco Direct: Out of Stock.

Toys R Us: Out of Stock.

Amazon UK: In Stock, if you are willing to pay extra.

Ebay: In Stock if you want to bid for it with others.

Bookmark this page and keep checking back for stock alerts from the team. We will update this as soon as we see fresh stock available, which will happen each week.

If you have seen Jojo Siwa singing doll stock available at any of the sellers above or somewhere else, let us know!



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