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iPod touch 6G discontinuation woes debated

Apple upset a huge number of its customer base back in October when it failed to release the iPod touch 6G and since then the prospect of an iPod touch 6th generation discontinuation has been debated. It’s now been two years since the current model was released and so is obvious that rumors of the model being shelved have kicked into another gear.

Some of our readers have been getting into a debate about this very subject, and they certainly feel more upset about the lack of iPod touch 6G news rather than a new Apple TV. The thing is, we know they would not get rid of the set-top box because it has turned into a very lucrative market, but a big question mark hands over the personal media player.

We personally do not understand why Apple would wish to discontinue the touch considering the fact that many of you do not want to spend that kind of money on an iPhone. There is also the fact we know plenty of people prefer to have both as to not drain the battery on their iPhone playing music all the time, and so having both is the better solution for them.

iPod touch 6G discontinuation

Several of our readers believe otherwise and say there is really no need to have both, as that is a waste of money. They also believe the demand of media players has dwindled; you only have to look at the market to see this is actually true. Having said that, the tablet market has also taken a dive, but we cannot see the iPad going anywhere, in fact there is talk of a larger model.

One of our readers did have a valid point by saying the iPod touch did serve a great purpose back in its early days because not everyone could get an iPhone experience, as they were not on AT&T, and so wanted to have a device very similar to Apple’s smartphone, albeit with one key feature missing.

The general consensus is that certain entertainment devices should be kept separately, which the iPod touch and iPhone fall under that category, and while the former is very well made, it is in need of some TLC. The release of the Fire HD 6 shows there is a gaping hole between the iPad mini 3 and the iPod touch 5G, and so a new generation is needed, but two sizes just like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Do you think Apple should discontinue the iPod touch?

Written by Peter Chubb

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macproAtharvJosh GrimesbobGuest 2 Recent comment authors

I’m a big fan of the iPod Touch and I have a 4th generation model that is in active use. I prefer this over an iPhone with a monthly bill. I would upgrade to a larger iPod Touch with a 128 to 160 GB flash drive so that my entire music collection can fit on it. I also have an iPod Classic, but that has been discontinued. I hope the iPod Touch is updated.


The iPod touch offers the teen a really good decide without the need of a mobile plan or even contract . I am 15 years old and think this is a perfect device( been using iPod touch 5g since 2012) for me it’s got everything that an iPhone has but nothing that you don’t want at this age. And it also offers people the cheapest entry into the latest version of iOS so I think Apple should continue this device ,but keeping the starting price as 199$.

Josh Grimes
Josh Grimes

Apple should make the nano slightly larger with the ability to connect to wifi for streaming media online such as Pandora. This would require using a keyboard so add the notes, reminders, and calender to keep the market on its smaller devices. Basically a touch but without the ability to download apps. This takes away the need for expensive hardware for the processor and graphics. Already replaced the need for an iPod touch by getting a smartphone (Galaxy S 5), but I could still use a better nano for my music player.


Honestly I don’t care anymore. A week ago I bought a moto g phone as a replacement for my iPod touch 4th gen and without the Sim it is used as a cheap $100 iPod 6th replacement. Specs are better and I’m surprised by how identicle android is to apple. Now its like there’s no way I’m going back to apple its overpriced for identicle crap.


No, the iPod should NOT be discontinued. No one wants a phone and potential massive added phone bill just to get better specs and media than what the iPod 5G has now.

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