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iPhone iOS 4.0.1/4.1: Release Date delayed by Apple?

Is it fair to say that the iPhone 4 has encountered it’s fair share of problems since launching last month. Today we are hearing numerous reports that Apple may delay the release of their first firmware update to iOS 4.

According to this report from RedmondPie, this could be due to a number of reasons. We know a firmware update is definitely coming soon, since Apple has already confirmed this thanks to the recent reception problems which is affecting some of you.

However, a couple of tweets from users have indicated that Apple may be postponing the release of an iPhone 4 update due to issues regarding Jailbreak methods for the handset. iOS 4 has already been jailbroken, although a release for the public has not yet been made available for use, and it is likely that Apple are keen to patch up the hole to stop users jailbreaking their devices.

On the other hand, iPhone hackers are holding off releasing the jailbreak methods as they know that if Apple release a firmware update to the iPhone 4, they can quickly alter their software so users can jailbreak on iPhone iOS 4.0.1, or OS 4.1 – whichever is released by Apple.

This tug of war occured with iPhone OS 3.0, and it looks to be happening again. Let us know your thoughts on this situation. Are you currently awaiting an update from Apple?

Written by Alan Ng

Alan has been working for Product-Reviews since 2009 and became the Editor-in-chief in 2014. He has a passion for technology, the latest mobile phones and gadgets, and the gaming industry. Alan is a graduate of Canterbury Christ Church University and completed a B.A in Commercial Music in 2008. While expressing a keen interest in all areas that PR cover, you'll usually find Alan in the gaming section, where he'll be keeping enthusiasts up to date on all the latest news and reviews for consoles and PC.

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  • chriscyprus

    Grozni +++++++ man you've said the most serious comment in here…SALUT

  • Grozni

    You know what? Who want to jailbreak and install apps for free, will do it anyway. Who has a money will buy apps. The bottom line is if you have money buy apps, if you don't then jailbreak it and learn about hardware and software – it might help you to get some high tech job. Just like any other platform (PC, xbox, Wii, etc.), iOS is no difference. People will mod and jailbreak whatever they can. Apple Corp. will not stop them. Sony does the same thing. M$ protects their Windows and Office software. There is no difference. But there are always alternatives… Linux, Motorola RAZR, Atari 2600, etc. BTW, I'm great supporter of hacking. Not to get any profit out of it. Just hobby and fun. Once corporations realize that people who cracks protection will never pay for proggies even if they have money maybe corporations will leave them alone. Some folks likes to download movies and never goes to theater. Even if you give them free tickets to theater they will not go. So, from certain population corporations will never get a penny. It's a fact. And we are talking about 10% of people. Corporations should go after other 90% of people and get their money. Stop wasting time and money to stop this 10 % because they will never pay a dime!!!! Just a fact. Again, if your budget can allow, buy what you need and stay away from hacking if you don't enjoy learning about hardware and software.

  • Steve Jobs

    Jailbreakers do what they do to run cracked apps, and denial of that fact is a lie, sure some may just want to 'configure' their devices (BUY AN ANDROID DEVICE THEN -DUH?) but most just use the exploit to run cracked apps and software deemed unsuitable for the App Store.

    Yes, Apple DO tightly control the iOS platform but if they didn't it would be a poorer user experience for the VAST majority of users who want their devices to just work.

    Stuff jailbreakers.

    • Oliver

      Steve Jobs should not be able to dictate the user experience. If a person wants to hack their Iphone then that's on them. I have yet to hear a single person complain that they hate the user experience on their hacked Iphone.
      It's the exact opposite, hacked applications make the Iphone what it should have been in the first place.

      The whole user experience Nazi mentality is like saying that you should let your mommy pick the person you marry because she knows what's best for you.

      Hacking the phone is a choice so if you're happy with the phone the way it is don't mess with it.
      I, on the other hand, am thankful for those talented programmers who give me the option to utilize the phone exactly the way I want.

  • Raman

    hey americans……..
    see im an indian and we are d people who often jailbreak the idevices………….
    and all this is because we dont get a iphone for 100$ but for 10 times more than u
    FUCK steve jobs

  • Wyvon54

    I don't know why Apple is so worried about their phones being jailbreak('d). It can't be because they think they're losing money!! People who are on other plans want to have the iPhone and the only way they can use them is to jailbreak them. That means that Apple sells MORE phone than are on their plans. You'd think they'd WANT to sell more. I have wanted an iPhone since they came out but since I was with T-Mobile I thought I couldn't use one. I purchased an iPhone 3Gs thinking I would jailbreak it and use it with my T-Mobile plan but found it had the New bootrom and in the process upgraded it to the iOS4.0. Big OOPS!!! So I'm sitting here dead in the water until the new update comes out. No, I'm not going to whine, complain, or berate the programmers. I am in awe of their skills and know that if they didn't enjoy what they do, and do it well, I'd be SOL!! So thanks to them!! But come on Apple give the rest of us a break!! The rest of the world would like to use your phones too!!

    • Hazzy

      Are you sure you can't downgrade to your previous version of ios? I upgraded my touch to ios 4 when it came out before i even thought of jailbreaking it… even though I had had it for several years lol. Well anyways, all I had to do was download a previous firmware version and restore my ipod to it. Was able to jailbreak it no problem, although I'm not sure if it's the same on the iPhone. btw I sold my ipod and got an iPhone 4. 🙂 love it, no signal problems what-so-ever. Can't seem to get the death grip right or maybe my phone is just one of the working ones. lol

  • Nate

    I have been using a 3GS for about a year now and love it. I had it Jailbroken on 3.1.2 and accidently upgraded to 4.0 thinking I was installing a Jailboken 4.0. Oh well.

    But the whole point of me wanting to jailbreak is not to "steal" apps, I want to be able to configure the phone as I see fit!. My phone was jailbroken for close to a year and I still bought apps. Again, it isn't about the freebies, its about making the user experience what I think it should be for me.

    Apple could learn a lesson from Cisco/Lynksis. They have their off the shelf routers/modems that can not have the firmware modified and they sell open source Linux based routers/modems for the tinkerers.

  • Chihuahuas

    oh pleaes the only reason I want to Jailbreak my touch is so I can configure it the way I want, I love the sbsetting, the quick lock, volume control, 5 columns and rows, all things Apple should have thought of first. At the price we pay for our touch and phone, we should be able to configure it the way we want. Now that Canada can use the Itunes cards to buy software I wait for the software to be 99¢ and buy it, never was interested in stealing apps from itunes. It was always a configuration issue, they need to get their you know what in gear and improve the configurability of their device.

  • Mark


    You are completely right. If Apple wants to combat jailbreaking, that's fine (well, not really…IMO) but FIX the rest of the damn phone first…. then worry about figting the jailbreaking.

    I don't know how many iphone 4's are out there with problems. (I'm on my 3rd iphone 4) but they need to make their 1.7 million customers happy by having useable phones.

    Customer satisfaction first.
    Greed second.

    • podisman

      i have an answer for apple not releasing the firmwire when our iphone's need it: sue apple that will get you your firmwire. if every iphone user sued apple..BAM! firmwire is there

  • metaclam

    I've been an Apple buyer and fan for decades, but have grown so tired of their lock-down mentality since the iPhones. They used to be a company about tinkering with tech, about all the fun mods you could make. Now they're all about controlling the user experience. I wish they'd get over the cat and mouse game. Ignore the jailbreakers and don't make it so hard to do. Their "new" end user base can enjoy their controlled experience in ignorant bliss, and the tinkerers can do what they will.

  • Nelly

    If apple wasn't so greedy and uptight about their sh&!. I know jailbreaking leads to loss profits for apple but their already making a killing off of the iPhone itself. Maybe if apple never had all these restrictions then there would be less jailbreaking. All this is about is greed and authority. AT&T is one and apple is the frosting on the cake for being money hungry asses!!!! FaceTime only on wifi?!? Cmon that's a perfect reason to jailbreak! To unrestrict 3G! AT&T is complaining that if face time was using 3G then it would clog the towers. Only one solution, spend more of the profits on beefing up the towers so your loyal customers get what they deserve!

    • podisman

      your right….apple is greedy but if apple made cydia a pre-installed app but restricted some things like free app downloaders i think most people will like that becasue i almost only use cydia for customization….

    • Unit057

      True, if Apple did it right i the first place they wouldn't need to try and prevent it.
      And even if Apple try, they will never prevent Jailbreaking… at least for a very long time.

  • Ira

    I am not waiting for a firmware or any other kind of update.
    I am waiting to hear that the reception problem is fixed, then I will buy my IPhone 4.
    My IPhone 3G has no reception problems, and I can't see trading up to problems that need updates to be fixed.

  • Barrington Twatley

    @Jared – I was interested in your comment about the way some people forget how to write on sites like these, but then I noticed that you used "loose" and "loosing" instead of lose and losing. How amusing! I do, however, agree with the main thrust of your submission.

  • scared4america

    oh my lord that comment was maybe the most poorly written thing i've ever read.

  • Tom

    Yeah, stupid apple. Playing this game.

  • Jared

    ZackV thank you for your literate post! Some people get on these sites and totally forget how to write, in addition to realizing that their lack of literacy totally negates anything they have to add to the conversation. As far as Apple goes…they can play this waiting game, but will loose. They have created a flawed and inferior product with iOS4 and in my opinion are loosing face by not immediately releasing an update to fix the known issues.The repair of their flawed OS should be their chief concern, not what the infinitesimal percentage of jailbreaks do with their phones.

    • Vega

      Why did you write “loose” instead of “lose?” I’ve been seeing it a lot lately. Did I miss the memo or something?

    • Zachary Trant

      Jered, in your attempt to sound intelligent to idiots, you have made yourself one of them in the eyes of anyone with half a brain. First: Literacy is the ability to read, not a lack of effort put towards typing with accuracy. Second: I noticed several grammatical errors in your own post, which you were obviously trying to make look intelligent, starting with you using "loose" rather than "lose", and including your terrible sentence flow.

      So, next time you try to make a fool out of others, check that you're not flinging a double edged sword.

    • Literacy is the ability to read, not a lack of effort towards typing.

      You're a fool, trying to place yourself above the common idiot, but in your attempts, drawing attention to the fact you are, yourself, an idiot.

      (And it's "lose", not "loose")

  • farmski

    they should look after the customers first… but with all things APPLE…. money is at the top and money comes first….

    flash support… price of goods/contract deals.. even coming down to peripherals like the icontroller where apple came along and set patents on something that was near as damn it in the process of being shipped out… check out there blog site..

    a holistic approach to locking down their systems to them selves… why they dont give some kind of open platform i dont know… practically every other phone company is going down that rout and come this time next year…. the mobile Atom processor MORESTOWN chip… 2ghz motorola Android mobile and more are going to clean up this mobile sector…

    lock it down and loose it APPLE…

    • Dustin

      well apple isnt going to have flash support because they already said they wont

  • Ratfink

    Wow the author of the article found a few different ways to spell "jailbreak" rofl

    • urmom

      I think he use a past tense . break, broke,broken

  • Growup

    Zackv, instead of worring too much about this, I would recommend you to take 1st,2nd and 3rd grade again! Please learn how to write!

    • Zackv

      O well i dont proof read the message is still there

  • Zackv

    Heres my thing people want a jailbreak i can understand that me personaly i want my lock info back :/ i updated by accident eather way you look at it apples ganna patch the jb backdoor bc they want to monopolize what you can do on the iphone correct me if im wrong but no ware in the service agreement does it say we cant modify our iphones to suite what we think the perfect iphone would be, i can see were programs like installous come in and im guilty of using it but i get a program i am interested in then if i like it i buy it from itunesand for those of you who are ganna wine about there not being a jailbreak get over your self remember these guys like comex and geolt do it for free in tbere spare time if it wasnt for them you would have to get off your lazey asses and do it youre self :O no you want to wbine and complain how bout you donate to the developers tbat put there heart an souls into working on jailbreaks for your phones be thankful there are people like them who will do it as apple goes yea like i said they want tbe most money they can get apple is scared that people will abuse programs like installous and for good reason why buy a program when you can get it for free ill tell you why to sopurt the developers who put the apps up and make it posible to get them free as for the update yes i am the ios 4 messed up my signal and i have 3gs like one minute ill have perfect signal the next zero bars and i didnt move i dont have any more droped calls in the month ive had my iphone i have never had a droped call eather way apple is ganna find what exploit the jailbreakers used and patch it i say just release the software so apple will stop pussy footing around and get the iphone 4 issues fixed if there really ganna wait till the jailbreak comes out then so be it there making there own customers suffer how stupid

    • Bryan

      But that b apple wanna own your phone and stuff it’s bs

      • Zackv

        Yes its bs but thats apple for you and the dev teams will olways come out with jailbreaks after os 4 i wont update it has all the features i want and if it dont have one thats what cydia is for lol

        • SweetKush420

          to true i just hope they release before the new update since it will probably b another week or so at least and i read on twitter that ther are about 3 exploits that they can use so if one gets closed they have two more…


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