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New iPhone 7 release date, design rumors

The Apple iPhone 6S delivered some welcomed new features like the new 3D Touch technology within a device that looked almost exactly like the iPhone 6, and a large number of people believe this is Apple’s best handset yet. The similar design was expected due to the regular 2-year cycle for major design overhauls, so this major upgrade is expected when the iPhone 7 release date arrives.

Update: It’s more than likely that we will not see three variants of the iPhone 7 this year, and so no Pro model. However, new rumors are circulating that there could be three next year, one of which would be more expensive than the Plus model, and could come with an edge-like display.

Leaks and rumors started last year, although the list is growing substantially now even though we are very unlikely to see the iPhone 7 until September 2016. We have put together all the latest news, rumors, and leaked details on specs to help give a detailed picture on what’s expected for the new iPhone.

We know that many of you are wondering if Apple will actually release an iPhone Pro this year, and there have been rumors to suggest this could very well happen. If this were to happen, we have to wonder if Apple will have three iPhone 7 variants, the standard, the Plus and the Pro, which could very well become the high-end model. While these are based on mere rumors for the moment, the thought of a higher end iPhone with 3GB of RAM would certainly appeal to enterprise users, and therefore could take some marketshare away from Android and BlackBerry, the latter of which does not need even more struggles.

Some people believe that the latest Apple Back to School Promotion actually hints that the iPhone 7 will not come with a headphone jack. This is because the promotion offers a free pair of either Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear headphones or Powerbeats2 Wireless. However, this is more than likely just a coincidence, and that Apple may wait until next year’s iPhone to do away with the headphone jack, as it will be the 10th Anniversary Edition.

iPhone 7 hint from Back to School 2016 promotion

This rumored photo points to the iPhone 7 having similar dimensions with a metal unibody design. As you can clearly see, the antenna lines are not placed like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, instead they’ve been placed at the top and bottom.

iPhone 7 release date

You can almost count on Apple releasing iPhone 7 in the second half of September 2016, or at the latest in week 1 of October. The launch event will likely be in the first half, or mid September and could include other product launches at the same time.

We’ve heard rumors of an earlier launch, although this happens every year, and we personally don’t expect such a move unless it’s a radical change like going back to WWDC. Again, there’s been no production leaks showing such a move, as we’d expect by now if a launch window had changed. Look to September for the latest phone at this point and look below for the history of release dates for iPhones.

Model name
Release date
iPhone 7September 2016 (expected)
iPhone 6SSeptember 2015
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
September 2014
iPhone 5S and 5C
September 2013
iPhone 5
September 2012
iPhone 4S
October 2011
iPhone 4
June 2010
iPhone 3G S
June 2009
iPhone 3G
June 2008
June 2007

Video Leak May 2016 Update:
Some of the best insight for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 came from CAD files that are apparently being used in prototypes of the new smartphone, and could become the final design in September. The name could be iPhone 7 Pro, and a video from Stuff seen below this article along with GIF animation at @OnLeaks gives us the extra insight. This beats most mockups and renders we’ve seen to date, even though these blueprints still only offer hints to a final design.

The results reveal a lot could change with the internal components and a large form factor is likely. Early reports of iPhone 7 Plus losing its headphone jack are confirmed again in these leaks/rumors, this isn’t official news of the 3.5mm jack support being dropped, but the evidence keeps stacking up.

Both iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro reveal a Smart Connector port and current iPhone 7 Plus renders show the same change to a future phone, it’s still unclear if this Smart Connector will be on both iPhone 7 Plus and smaller device.


iPhone 7 design

The hottest design leaks focus on a very slim build and no more antenna lines, as well as the iPhone 7 features including a water resistant and dust-resistant build. This is something that millions of iPhone users will love, especially if they are among thousands damaging their phone through dropping it in water or by other fatal water damage.

It’s almost a no-brainer that Apple would keep the iPhone 6, 6S, and 7 models all the same design. We have regularly seen a revamp every 2 years, and 2016 is pegged as that year once again. Currently we only have rumors to go on, in terms of the new design.

The 7.1mm-thick iPhone 6S is impressively thin, but we could see the new smartphone between 6mm and 6.5mm thick if KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo is correct. Space could be saved by TSMC making the chips, using fan-out technology, and by getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack and replacing with Bluetooth headphones, although we hear no other sacrifices will be made to create a thinner smartphone. Again, this is just rumors from so-called leaks, although more could be learned from digging within iOS 10 beta 1 when it releases in June at WWDC 2016.

Another rumor suggested that we could see a bezel-less display and full metal design within iPhone 7, which is a massive move for Apple. While again this is a rumor, we like the idea of a new type of screen technology releasing this year for their smartphone.

We do love it how one iPhone 7 rumor gets forgotten about, yet comes back again a few months later, although it does look as though this now applies to next year’s model. It’s suggested that next year’s iPhone could be made mostly from glass. However, we did touch on the subject that only the one iPhone 7S model could be made mostly from glass, which could very well be a Pro model. If this is the case, then it adds yet more proof that the iPhone 7 design may not be that different to the current model, which could then lead to a fall in sales, as people wait for the 10th anniversary model next year.

A new iPhone 7 case has leaked, although we do have a hard time believing that this could ever come to light and reflect the true design of the upcoming iPhone due to be revealed in September. The case design would suggest that there could be four speakers. Having said that, we did point out that these cutouts could actually be for something else, such as a different position for the antennas.

iPhone 7 battery and camera

We saw a welcomed camera overhaul with iPhone 6S bringing a new 12MP and face cam at 5MP, so you can expect changes but unlikely a megapixel increase this year. There’s rumors of a dual-lens snapper and larger battery that gives more juice.

iPhone 7 camera design

The dual-lens improvement would allow for iPhone 7 to feature an optical zoom and deliver a wider field of view. This is great for those that only use a smartphone for pictures, most of us today. It’s unclear if the bigger battery is needed to keep iPhone 7 battery life the same, or if it will deliver more hours of use.

We have already seen the rumors of the dual camera lens for the upcoming iPhone, which is believed to be exclusive to the Plus model, and in March there was also leaked image. However, Weibo has also revealed another image, which does now add some weight to this rumor.

New images have been released that show the iPhone 7 will have a beveled protruding camera, and you will also notice from the image via 9To5 Mac that the antenna lines have been redesigned. There has been further news that contradicts recent reports that the camera will remain very much the same, as it’s now suggested that Apple could bring optical image stabilization to the iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 screen

Considering this year is scheduled for a big design change, we expect improvements to the iPhone 7 screen. Top rumors suggest an edge-to-edge display is possible, but almost certain is a big resolution jump according to the likes of DigiTimes. This change comes thanks to leaks stating Apple will move to glass-on-glass screens, which then raises questions over moving to a 4K or QHD display. Having said that, there are still those persistent rumours that the 2016 iPhone will be a lacklustre upgrade, and that the big upgrade is coming in 2017 with the 10th anniversary edition.

iPhone 7 storage

It’s no secret that the 16GB storage option for the iPhone is considered a joke, especially when you consider 2 minutes of 4K videos take up around 750MB. There has been demands by iPhone owners that Apple finally address this and get rid of the 16GB option. Well, things could be about to change, especially as Weibo who revealed a new leaked image of a dual-lens module also shows of the potential for the larger 256GB storage option.

iPhone 7 OS 10 and power

Considering we are running iOS 9 now, it’s 100% certain that we will get a preview of iOS 10 at WWDC 2016 along with its release on iPhone 7 at the end of this year. At the same time, older iPhones will get the public release of iOS 10 as well.

While all iPhone 7 specs are yet to be revealed, rumors suggest a hexa-core processor and some hope to see 3GB of RAM. This possibility is very thin, considering Apple only just moved iPhone 6S to 2GB of RAM and they don’t make such changes every generation. We’d love to see more RAM, but remain sceptical.

The new dual camera is one feature that may give weight to at the very least, iPhone 7 Plus receiving 3GB of RAM to aid in image processing.

There’s plenty of leaks hitting the web every month and others include wireless charging, a pressure-sensitive home button, and even a more complex internal design that could cause production problems. We will update this article with further evidence and rumors, as they arrives.

Latest iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro Rumors

According to Taiwanese sources, the previous number was 65 million units for the upcoming iPhone, and so either this is just another lame rumor, or Apple truly do believe that the iPhone 7 and or Pro model will be something very special this year. Just for your information, this would make it the biggest order or iPhone unites that Apple have made in the past two years.

Even though most rumors would suggest that Apple could switch to Intel as the primary supplier of its LTE modem, it does look more likely that Qualcomm will still get the lions share. The latter has been the supplier for the past 3 years, so it would make sense to stick with them. Speaking of that LTE modem, it does look likely that the X12 could be the modem of choice, as it has speeds of up to 600 Mbps, although when was the last time you were ever able to download at that speed with your mobile date connection?

We also informed you above that the next iPhone could come with Gorilla Glass 5. 16GB also looks set to be phased out, and so we suspect that 32GB will be the standard storage option, and will come at no extra cost. Having said that, with the way the exchange rate with the US Dollar, the Euro and the UK Pound are going, Apple could be forced to increase prices slightly – unless they swallow the difference to keep customers happy.

There have also been fresh images appear of a Space Black iPhone 7, and if this is true we have already heard from some of our readers asking for Apple to just take their money now, as it’s a return of a much-loved color.

One of the most recent rumours suggest that the iPhone 7 could come with Gorilla Glass 5, which would add improved drop protection, details of which can be found in one of our previous articles. it would be silly for Apple to not add the latest Gorilla Glass, seeing as though the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is said to come with this very version.

Fresh rumours seem to bolster previous reports that the iPhone 7 Plus will come with 3GB of RAM. However, to us this sound more like it will be an iPhone Pro, and that the standard 7 and Plus models will still come with 2GB of RAM.

There seems to be a growing number of so-called images of the iPhone 7 being leaked, although it’s very hard to know just how real these are. Having said that, we have seen leaked images like this in the past that actually turned out to be true, and so we have to keep an open mind. This latest image shows a display with a few alterations, such as two sensor cutouts rather than one, and the cutout for the speaker looks to be wider.

With just a month or so to go until Apple reveals the iPhone 7, the rumours have certainly started to move up a gear, as we have started to see a lot more doing the rounds, although some of them are what we already knew. Over the past few days we have seem more components leaked, and this does seem to point to a Space Black iPhone 7 colour, which might be the only exciting thing about this new model. While we have to take rumours with a pinch of salt, we are so close to its release, that pretty much what we are seeing is the real deal, and so it really does look as though the iPhone 7 is effectively another S version.

9To5 Mac is reporting that some alleged photos of Apple’s A10 processor destined for the iPhone 7 has found their way on the Internet. We are still not certain if this will be the processor used, although it would make sense seeing as though it’s the natural progression.

iPhone 7 LTE mondem

Sales – In terms of projected iPhone 7 sales, the iPhone 8 rumored to be rushed out next year for the 10th anniversary of the handset could actually have a negative effect on this years model. Most rumors would seem to suggest that the iPhone 7 will be a mediocre update, whereas it needs to be exciting.

We are now starting to get a clearer picture of what the iPhone 7 will be like, and while it will be almost like a second S model, that is no reason to dismiss it, as there are still going to be some fundamental changes, although it is annoying to think that the larger iPhone 7 Plus model will be getting the dual-camera system and not the standard model.

However, it is not a forgone conclusion that Apple will release an iconic iPhone in 2017, although we will know for certain in September, which is when the iPhone 7 reveal is expected to be. If the design stays very much the same, then the iPhone 8 will be the real deal, and that sales of the 2016 model will more than likely suffer.

In a Nutshell

How much will it cost? Apple likes to keep prices the same as current offerings, so look at iPhone 6S pricing for a guide on what you will be paying for an upgrade.
When will it launch? It’s been a long time since Apple launched at WWDC, so expect the iPhone 7 release date to be in September 2016.
Who should update? Those that haven’t changed in 2 years and like to aline with new iPhone design changes, or those that always need the latest Apple phone.

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