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iPhone 6 rumors ignite prematurely

It is hard to understand why iPhone 6 rumors have reignited this week, as we close in on the end of 2013 and start moving towards the next major Apple event within WWDC 2014. The fact is, consumers are looking for iPhone 6 news and rumors are appearing from so-called insiders many months before a possible release date.

From what we can see, one of the main reasons iPhone 6 interest increased is due to some credible news outlets reporting rumors on iPhone 6 from people they state are “familiar” with Apple’s plans. One such name is Bloomberg, and they delivered a number of rumors over the past week directed at the 8th generation iPhone display.

The latest iPhone 6 rumors detail what should be another two models in 2014, just like we saw with iPhone 5S and 5C in 2013, although next year the new phones should target different screen sizes, as we have heard from the rumor mill for at least the previous 12 months.

You can see an iPhone 6 concept with a curved display on this very page, but the latest rumors support this design and claim Apple is exploring “curved displays”. White some insiders know that Apple is looking at curved screens for a future design, we should point out that this doesn’t mean they will launch with the next-generation just because Apple is exploring this form factor.

The rumors point to two new iPhones that have bigger screens launching in fall 2014, so it would be interesting to see if Apple would finally create a phablet and if they realize users still want a phone-sized handset as well rather than just big options.

If rumors of two iPhone 6 models turn out to be real, then we can see these handsets release in the second half of 2014 and feature larger displays with glass curved at the edges. Other rumors point to sensors that understand the difference between heavy and light touches on the display, so this could be evident in iOS 8 source code once developers get hands-on with betas next year.

Another iPhone 6 concept
Another iPhone 6 concept

Demand for an iPhone 6 wrap-around display — Product Reviews previously highlighted the fact that the 5S design only supports the iPhone 6 receiving a completely new design, which is thanks to a pattern of Apple redesigning every 2 years after 4S and 5S releases.

This led a few people to ponder the idea of upgrading if a new design would arrive with iPhone 6, then why should they upgrade with refreshes between major iPhone launches?

There is mixed reactions to any such wrap-around design for iPhone 6 and some people feel, “A wrap-around screen looks like an Apple fanboy design”. While another iOS user felt, “Apple need to innovative and launching a revolutionary flexible display on iPhone 6, which is also useful with touch buttons on the side and can be customized would be amazing”.


Where do you stand with an iPhone 6 wrap-around display that creates useful option on the side of the smartphone? Would you want to purchase such a handset from Apple?

In a nutshell, the obsession with curved iPhones has been ongoing for many months and it will not go away anytime soon. The trick for Apple is to understand if this desire is big enough to warrant building such a phone and if the time is right with iPhone 6. Curved displays that wrap-around the handset will hit the market soon, at least within Android’s army of smartphones, but for Apple to create such a phone would need to be done when production is easy.

If Apple launch a curved iPhone 6 and they run into production problems, then this could result in stock issues and a major setback. We already saw news from other brands exploring flexible phone displays, and these brands have reported issues building such handsets. The iPhone 6 Air name also seems very likely for 2014.

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