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iPhone 5S vs. HTC One by official specs

The recently announced iPhone 5S is Apple’s new upgrade and although there are certain details that are still yet to be released it is worth looking at a comparison with another flagship smartphone. This is where the premium looking HTC One has been used once again, and those looking for a new upgrade may find both of these products side-by-side give potential consumers some insight into what to expect.

Above this post we have a video by SuperSaf TV which lasts just 8 minutes long explaining the official specs being compared with the iPhone 5s vs. HTC One. Throughout the video the presenter highlights the impressive specs on both including the resolution, build, memory and screen size, along with details on the battery, price, weight, camera and sound.

For those of you familiar with the specs involved with the HTC One the presenter also mentions the iPhone 5s 4 inch screen, an 8MP iSight camera with TrueTone flash, as well as a A7 64 bit Processor with new Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology.

Without relaying too much of the information seen in the video, we can’t help but notice the HTC One has built up quite a fan base, and although some opinions may be biased we can understand why many will look towards the HTC as opposed to the iPhone 5s, and this could be down to things like the overall look and cost of the iPhone 5s being more expensive, while the HTC One seems to be a reasonable acquisition.

We would love to know whether you are happy with your HTC One or if you feel the iPhone 5s is not as good value for the price. Maybe you feel the HTC One is a better phone all around, therefore, we hope to get back to you soon with a more extensive review after the iPhone 5s becomes available.

Written by Marlon Votta

Marlon joined the Product Reviews team in March 2011. He brings a wide-range of experience to PR, and has studied and worked in a diverse range of industries. These include art and design, a Horticulturalist, graphics and printing. Personal interests include music, football, boxing, traveling, and different languages, although Marlon has an Italian background. He now looks to expand his computer and tech knowledge by writing news on the latest trends in this industry. Follow Marlon if you’re looking for an unbiased view of the latest products, and tech services.

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robby djajaatmadja
robby djajaatmadja

4 ” screen, I gb ram, dual core processor, how to compare with android devices. Lol stupid fanboy

robby djajaatmadja
robby djajaatmadja

Lol 4 inch screen. A lot idiot behind apple company. Only stupid fanboy still love iphone

Jim Brown
Jim Brown

I bought an HTC One as I hate Apple dictating how and what we download, The HTC is streets ahead, the IPhone hasn’t really brought anything new to the party since the IPhone3.
Quality and looks wise the HTC is a stunning phone and I’ve owned IPhones and the Nokia Lumia, the HTC is by far superior to both.

Daniel C
Daniel C

Hello, I have the HTC One, and it is a great device. I notice you did not mention Zoe. Thanks for your time.

PS Vita Remote Play for TV and features

iPad 5, mini 2 with fingerprint sensor