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iPhone 5 to be 1.7mm leaner

There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 will include more innovation than the previous upgrade, and currently we can only speculate on what these new innovative features might be, although some possibilities are more obvious than others. The consensus in regard to the iPhone 5 design is that the new phone will not grow any wider, but will stretch a little and include a new 9 pin dock connector although there could be a surprise in-store for those people worrying about accessory support.

The iPhone 5 could support 9 and 30 pin dock accessories — scaremongers have enjoyed a few weeks of promoting the fear that all old accessories won’t support the new iPhone 5 dock and power connector, but these people obviously don’t understand adapters and why it would be good for Apple to offer one for free inside the box, or even an option on the store.

Looking at the photo above you can see another option for Apple, we do love to consider solutions to a change in pin size, which had been sent to us by email and shows a possibility for the iPhone 5 design to allow both 9 and 30 pin dock accessories. This would be achieved by the new iPhone including a detachable dock connector, which would reveal the old 30-pin connector for backwards compatibility.

Apple could make the new iPhone 1.7mm leaner — we’re hearing that the old 9.3mm design, iPhone 4 and 4S, would be reduced by 1.7mm to 7.6mm. This could be achieved in a number of ways and most certainly is helped by the new thinner display technology, which should see the iPhone 5 include an LCD and touch in one panel and this alone shaves 0.5mm off. The smaller dock connector would help the next iPhone lose a few more millimetres, although if Apple add a feature like in the above image then this wouldn’t provide any extra thinness.

Would you like to see a detachable dock connector on the iPhone 5, and do you like the idea of the next iPhone getting thinner? The 1.7mm leaner iPhone would be thinner than both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, although it’s not clear how Apple would reduce the thickness by a full 1.7mm? The good news is we haven’t got long to find out if the rumored September event becomes a reality.

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Jeff Miller

And exactly how do you use the “Home” button if it is detached?


No detachable dock!!! its an extra thing to loose! – Where is my iPad camera connection adapter – LOST – it should of had a USB port on the iPad. – Likewise, the fitting on the ‘Dock Adapter’ Wil just get loose and start falling off. It would make more sense to sell a 9 pin to 30 pin adapter that works the other way round – making the iphone smaller and allowing people to buy an adapter if needed.


Detachable doc connector? This must be a joke. The logistics do not make sense. If you have the 30 pin underneath, why have the 9 pin at all? It couldn’t be faster, as data still has to travel through the 30 pin one. It doesn’t leave room for anything else, in fact it adds much unnecessary bulk. Where would the home button go? Oh, that’s right. On the removable doc connector. So when you connect using the 30 pin doc you don’t have a home button. Or are we going to have two of those as well? Besides that, it’s… Read more »


A removable bottom piece is totally unnecessary and adds a great deal of bulk. Instead, Apple should invest the space in a much larger batter than just 1440maH. I am currently waiting for the iPhone 5, but if the battery can’t last me a full day, I will probably end up getting the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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