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iPhone 5 jailbreak to entice niche buyers

We’ve had a few of our readers that want certain things from an iPhone 5 explain that a jailbreak is needed before they’d pick up the latest hardware, and over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen this opinion shared by a select few, but we can’t help but wonder how many other seasoned jailbreakers know to wait until an iPhone 5 jailbreak arrives for a version of iOS 6, before they’d purchase the latest generation? You can certainly find enough people that jumped onboard the iPhone 5 will the intention to get an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, now iOS 6.01, and have since been disappointed with how long it has taken. The fact is the people trying to unlock the software are finding it harder with each generation, and we guess Apple are learning from them at the same time to improve security on their iPhone hardware and software.

Picking up an iPhone 5 knowing you want a jailbreak — we’ve stood in line outside Apple stores in the past, and heard people talking openly about why they like to unlock their iDevices and what they gain by doing this. This happened again when we queued up for the iPhone 5 launch, and jailbreak had been on the lips of people again but it seems that their dreams haven’t turned into fruit thanks to iOS 6 and the latest hardware being a lot harder to unlock. It doesn’t mean an iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak isn’t coming, it just means certain things have to be done before it becomes a fully-fledged unlock ready for public consumption. Did you pick up an iPhone 5 at launch thinking it wouldn’t be long before you could jailbreak?

We’ve already touched on reasons why things are taking a lot longer this year, in an article just a couple of days ago, and why certain hackers of the Dream Team are trying something that could deliver a lifetime iPhone 5 jailbreak that iOS 6 updates couldn’t stop, which would be gained via a bootROM dump. This article also looked at a possible iPhone 5S, 6 releasing early to combat this type of unlock and also the need for Apple to bring the iPhone launch back to WWDC.

Do you know anyone that has held out from buying an iPhone 5 until a jailbreak is available? It is fair to say some people enjoy an iPhone a lot more when it has a jailbreak, and the idea of moving to new hardware without such openness would not be welcomed, which has even meant a few users have jumped to Android even after purchasing an iPhone 5. This is certainly an extreme action, but it is happening in very small numbers.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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