iPhone 5 bizarrely meets Galaxy Note 2

When Apple is about to launch its new iPhone 5 and around the same time we’re seeing Samsung launch their Galaxy Note 2, then the obvious had to happen and that is a number of websites comparing these two devices. This is very bizarre considering the different types of users they are going for, and you’d think someone wanting to make lots of phone calls would never want to hold a Galaxy Note 2 to their ear for long, although the same task would be an easy job for the iPhone 5 that’s expected to grow in length only.

When it comes to browsing the web, reading emails, playing games, and other similar tasks the bigger 5.5-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 would be perfect and while the iPhone 5 makes these tasks easy as well, its smaller display might not be for everyone. You’re sure to see the type of user that performs these tasks all day being more suited to the bigger device, especially if making phone calls comes second to things that need a bigger screen.

Reactions to comparing smartphones with massive size differences — The Samsung Galaxy S3 is much bigger than the iPhone, but the Galaxy Note 2 takes things to a whole new level. In the past we touched on how comparing the upcoming iPhone 5 or current 4S model to the Galaxy Note, and now Note 2, is like comparing chalk to cheese.

Interestingly we saw a number of our readers wanting Apple to launch a separate model of iPhone 5, which would feature a 5-inch display, and the reason for this is their love of iOS. Thanks to the iPod touch and iPad you’ll find millions of people enjoying iOS 5 that don’t own an iPhone, although some of these users would love to see Apple offer a screen more in-line with that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2.

It’s becoming extremely obvious that smartphone users want a bigger display and if Apple fails to deliver something big enough with the 6th generation they might lose some fans to bigger Android devices. The longer iPhone 5 might not be enough considering it’s nowhere near the size that some users want, although it is also fair to say that Apple are very likely to continue its growth even without these users thanks to the majority of Apple fans being extremely loyal.

The Galaxy Note 2 specs are pretty much going to line up with what Apple offer on the iPhone 5, although we should see an increase in megapixels for the rear camera that would be more than Samsung’s latest phone, but Apple always state it’s about the quality of pixels rather than number. The microSD card is a welcomed feature for the Galaxy Note 2 that allows up to 64GB of storage, although Apple has never offered this option on any of their phones and it is unlikely to do so with the next generation as well. Again we could continue comparing specs between these devices, just as a number of blogs have done even though the iPhone 5 would be rumored specs for now, but the bottom line is the size of these two devices and how that would impact your daily smartphone usage.

Personally when it comes to the iPhone 5 vs. the Galaxy Note 2 it is all about phone calls to us, and if you make a lot of them and need to hold your device next to your ear, then you’ll find the Galaxy Note 2 way too big, and if you want a true sized phone that’s perfect for making long phone calls then it has to be Apple as the number one choice.

Will you wait for the next iPhone before making a choice between these two devices, or do you already expect the iPhone 5 to be way too small for you? The real choice will be a personal one and while a number of our readers might prefer the bigger Galaxy Note 2, it is worth pointing out that we doubt any smartphone will come close to the sales expected for the next iPhone. Do you think Apple need to launch a phone with a screen bigger than 5-inches?

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