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iPhone 5 battery case options for extended life

If we traveled back to the middle of last month we’d be right to ask where the Apple iPhone 5 battery cases are, although since that time a number of options have reached market and are now being offered to consumers. Certain brands are more desirable than others and this is thanks to trust being built after the iPhone 4S battery cases some users purchased, so you can understand why some people would want to wait for the likes of Mophie to offer an iPhone 5 battery case, which at the time of writing is not yet available.

The image below does show one option that is currently being promoted by Mophie, and with the tagline “take charge of your new iPhone 5“, Mophie then direct you to a page on their website that offers some portable batteries and asks if you want to be notified when their juice pack cases are available, so you can count on a Mophie iPhone 5 battery case coming soon. If you can’t wait and need more iPhone 5 battery life, then opt for a portable battery, although we do recommended waiting considering we can’t be long away from a battery case for the iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 battery case options available right now – if you want a case now and find the iPhone 5 battery life not up to scratch, or draining faster than you’d like, then you can certainly find a few options from lesser known brands being offered on certain stores. The image below shows a iPhone 5 battery case and stand from Mobile Fun, and while it might not contain the brand recognition as Mophie, we can’t help but be impressed by the usefulness of its design. This UK store state that the case offers an extra 3000mAh battery, which will certainly bump up the hours before your iPhone 5 dies and the adjustable stand makes viewing certain videos, photos, and other media that much easier. You can read the full specs on the product page here.

If you want to look at some other options then see the Meridian iPhone 5 extended battery case, although it won’t ship until next month, and the uNu ECOPAK battery for iPhone 5 with a detachable Snap-on case. Something more innovative can be seen in this article that features a Kickstarter project that has already won enough backers, and this so-called iPhone 5 iExpander will deliver 2x the battery life with expandable SD memory as well. We can see that production is due to start on Nov 26.

Are you looking for an iPhone 5 battery case, and if so why do you feel the need for more battery life? It is worth noting that some 4S owners have been reporting extremely bad battery life after installing iOS 6, so this is certainly one reason to desire a battery case although the problem can be solved by software rather than hardware.

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