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iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak: Where For Greenpois0n Updates

While visiting the Greenpois0n website I noticed something; double click under the logo you will notice a blank paragraph there, this is the only spot left open for text on the site. This is obviously ready for some text to go there, and most likely the download or information links for Greenpois0n.

Those waiting for this iPhone jailbreak for iOS 4.1 will be wondering how much longer they will have to wait, while some will be taking their frustration out on the Dev Team, most support them. We already know that the guys working on the jailbreak are doing it for the love of it round their day jobs, and it seems that most of our readers has a lot of love for them and what they are doing.

Some people are asking where is the best place to find updates on Greenpois0n, and while some places include our PR on Facebook page and news sites, the best place will surely be the Greenpois0n site that obviously has a spot for some text links when they are ready with a release

How have you been checking for updates, have you been using blogs and social media services like Facebook and Twitter to read and debate or are you happy just to simply check the Greenpois0n site?

Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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He started out working in a factory and dreamed of the day when he could become his own boss; That happened back in 2002 and he has never looked back since. Things have changed so much on the Internet in that time, but he has adapted well.

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  • linuxlover

    man i know how you people feel, i feel for you. i recently upgraded from 3.1.2 to 4.1, last time i checked for jailbreaks blackra1in just came out. My model- ipod touch 2G MC 4.1, if anyone knows a jailbreak for this other than redsnow and mac (i vm mac as a guest, but it wont detect dfu or recovery) please post, but im thinking ill have to wait as well as the rest for the greenpois0n release, extremely anxious!

  • karl

    "double click under the logo you will notice a blank paragraph there"…. this is soo moronic… "this is the only spot left open for text on the site" … and this is one of the most stupid BS i ever read… sheesh, get real buster!

  • Khmer

    I'm not complaining, I'll wait patiently till the cows come home.

  • mike

    its not we still have a long time to wait …….. trust me

  • shiz


  • apptech8556

    there's no JB for iP4, move on…….apple is laughing at these posts and you the followers thinking they will be able to crack 4.1, NOT happening LOL

    • linuxlover

      haha anything thats is created can be taken apart and rebuilt, its simply the laws of physics apptech, they said the xbox couldnt be hacked, they said linux couldnt operate on the touch or iphone, but it does, apple wont be laughing for long, soon apple will have their foot in their mouth again and we will be the ones laughing, the battle will continue as long as technology exists, its software buddy, think about it.
      three cheers for dev team!!!

    • linuxlover

      you were saying?

  • Mr.X

    Hope this mean I can JB 3GS 4.1 soon!!!

  • DJacob72

    Thanks and love being sent out to the DEV team for all of the great work they do for us.

  • Cannot wait for this jailbreak  i hope it comes soon!!!

  • rob

    This has been ready, their in negotiations with Apple.

  • rob

    How much did apple pay these guys to not publish this? everyones upgrading to 4.1 thinking this is real, Smart move apple.

  • shiz

    am waiting like every one else ,just chill the mosre people complain the longer they will take to release it….

  • Tim

    I added a bookmark to my iPhone homescreen. The greenpois0n logo reminds me to check every day just by tapping the icon.

  • Fnc

    google alert

  • Link

    7 lines:

    1. Download Links:
    2. Windows:
    3. -download link for Windows-
    4. Mac
    5. -download link for Mac-
    7. -download link for Linux-

  • remcokatz

    and you didn't notice ? 😛 jesus people how hard can this be!

  • 13lackfir3

    The source have never changed except from the google counter. I check it on day one to see if i could get any extra info on the jb, but I could not find any. Any way …Come on PR you should just check the facts before you allow a post to hit the web.

  • Neil

    Its gona be sunday 10th october.
    Do the maths 10/101/10 time to release the pois0n!!!!

  • james

    they txt things have been there for ages 😛

  • Jesse

    can someone tell me the website url?

  • Ashley

    Ive got the the Greenpois0n website tabed, so when i turn on my computer i click that tab first to see whether they have opened the site. All people have to do is wait for them to relase the Jailbreak, there's not alot people can do until they release the jailbreak. So if people just wait for the Jailbreak and occupy them selves with other things to do, time will go so much faster and the next thing you know, Greenpois0n will have released the Jailbreak. So poeple just have patience…

  • P1xellat3d

    I don't think that's really space for updates ..

    The blank paragraphs also exist before the logo for positioning

    Below is the source code:
    <div align="center">
    <div align="center">
    <img src="gp_web.png" width="256" height="256" alt="greenpois0n">

    However an interesting discovery nevertheless.

    One lonely and sad user, desperately waiting for the jailbreak 🙁

    • Frederick the Second

      That's some pretty disgusting html right there

  • bob

    they are just there to centre the image as the same "text lines" are are above the image

  • hotstuff

    that space has been there since day one. you could highlight it ages ago….

    it was the first thing i did, to see if there was a hidden link or something..

    so no and not being an a** but like some said

    " Greenpois0n Not weeks but days " …. you right 8 days later………

    • Link

      WeekS is still 6 days… So, it's been a week, but pod2g gave either days or weeks. Weeks is obviously plural, so we still have some time til' then.

      • longgggggggg

        what are you talking about :/? pod2g said "I would say days" in which was 8 days ago. I hope you know that there are 7 days in a week meaning his tweet is WRONG.

      • longgggggggg

        pod2g said i would say days since that was 8 days ago that makes it over a week meaning his tweet was wrong. so care to rephrase your comment

        • Corrector

          You’re a donut mate. Weeks is plural, meaning two or more. That’s 14 days by my school of finance

  • kkk

    still wanna waiting …

  • Evan

    I will find out via email and i constantly check the website.

    • Jason

      How do you get updates via e-mail?


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