iPad games platform growing fast, mobile gaming the future?

Consoles have dominated the gaming industry for years but now it seems things are revolutionizing, as they now only account for 40% of the market share compared to the previous statistic of 80% in 2000. Meanwhile the iPad gaming platform is becoming the fastest growing in the industry, and it’s down to casual games according to EA.

The company CEO John Riccitello, stated whilst talking to IndustryGamers the games industry’s cyclical nature is less of an issue nowadays due to the rise in casual gaming. What he meant was normally a new platform or console comes out after about 5 years from competing manufacturers, each with about the same level of service or upgrade, we would become part of that cycle by buying the new product, then the new product would come out around 5 years later and so on, it’s what we are used to.

Meanwhile the benefit that casual games have over console games is they drastically cut out the time between each release and improvements are provided via micro-transactions. More focus is put on collaborative gaming and less on processing power. Riccitello argues ‘there’s more to be provided… in micro-transactions and social experiences.’

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software predicts that mobile gaming will overtake console gaming in terms of graphics, performance and power in the not too distant future. An opinion many are beginning to have about the iPad and iPhone. It is thought that soon these devices will be good enough fulfill everyone’s gaming needs.

Despite the news it hasn’t stopped the likes of Sony and Microsoft continue with the production of their next generation consoles the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720. Both these companies will be hoping the game industry cycle continues as usual, as leaks have suggested great improvements as far as graphics are concerned, possibly the only advantage consoles and PCs still have over the mobile gaming devices, at least for the moment.

It is also thought that the graphics of the iPad 2 have already surpassed those of the Nintendo 3DS and are equal to those that will feature on the Sony Vita but of course it has the advantage of a larger display. It remains to be seen which will have more success as far as sales go, but as we well know, where there is healthy competition there are great advancements meaning things will only improve.

Do you prefer mobile gaming to console gaming?

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Written by Chris Cook

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