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iPad Air vs. iPad mini this holiday season

Last year Apple was in a great position because they brought a new product to market that slipped nicely into a competitive market. The product in question was the iPad mini, and what was so good about this tablet was two things, one is that it allowed people on a tighter budget to own an iPad, and two it was also much lighter than its full-size sibling.

However, things are a bit different this year and as such have caused a dilemma for Apple and its customers because the new iPad Air is so thin and much smaller that size and weight is not a huge factor. The new 5th generation iPad is now 20 percent thinner and 30 percent lighter than its predecessor and will make it a more desirable device for this holiday season.

With the difference between iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina in terms of size and weight there seems to be less reason to sacrifice size and performance. Having said that, now the mini 2 comes with the same processor as the Air, performance is also not so much as an issue as it was with Apple’s tablets from last year.

iPad Air could cannibalize iPad mini sales
iPad Air could cannibalize iPad mini sales

So it will come down to two factors, screen real estate and price. The other problem that Apple has with its new mini tablet is the fact that there are still a few weeks before it is released, by that time people could have already made the decision to purchase the iPad Air.

Most people use their iPad while out and about and the new iPad Air is much easier to slip away than the outgoing model, which is something the iPad mini was good for, and so it does look less likely that people would go for the mini, although there is still the question of price. If your budget is still unable to stretch to the full size model, then the iPad mini 2 will be the tablet for you, albeit a compromise.

Written by Peter Chubb

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