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iPad 4 vs. Nexus 10 and Apple ecosystem

It is true that a lot of people pay more for Apple not only for the better build materials but also for Apple’s ecosystem. Today we wanted to look at the iPad 4 vs. Nexus 10 in terms of specs, and also taking into account the system behind Apple that a lot of people are buying into. It is fair that over the years some people have built up a number of Apple products that work well together, and the iPad 4 would integrate nicely with your Apple TV, MacBook, iPhone, and other products that use iOS or Mac OS X.

Dedicated Apple fans say that new tablet shoppers need to look past the specs, when looking at the iPad 4 vs. Nexus 10, and to ignore hardware and display resolution. They point to the whole Apple ecosystem and App Store, which a large number of iOS users believe is ahead of the competitors, and some parents state “if you’re trying to find something for your kids, I wouldn’t recommended anything but iTunes“.

Apple iPad 4 and Google Nexus 10 features important to you – I can speak from personal experience that our son has preferred using the Apple iPad, now iPad mini, over our Nexus 7 but this doesn’t mean it is a better option for everyone. The fact is that certain functions are better for one person and then to another they will be totally irrelevant, so this is why you’ll always see one person trying to convince another that certain features are better, but they won’t always agree considering not all functions are important to another person.

What’s better for you, Apple iPad 4 or Google Nexus 10? We wanted to present the main differences between the 4th generation iPad and Nexus 10, which can be seen in the chart below that shows the differences in specs. Take a look at the difference when it comes to specs, and let us know which is better on paper in your opinion?

Apple ecosystem with iPad 4 and other iPads – It is fair to say that the 4th generation iPad has a better display than the iPad mini, which is due to the Retina display on the larger iPad, but the screen ratio has been kept the same and simplifies things for iOS app developers. The Apple ecosystem makes it easier for developers to support the iPad with dedicated apps, which is also helped by the fact that there’s a lot less variety than seen with Android tablets. The downside is that Apple seem to charge a lot more money for their products, which might be due to the fact that people are paying the money, so until that changes it seems Apple will always cost more.

Google Nexus 10 is the best of the bunch — you won’t be disappointed with your new Nexus 10 tablet, and while you’ll find a massive range of Android tablets to choose from that offer a nice choice for all budgets, this choice also causes problems when it comes to supporting these Android tablets with dedicated apps for a better experience. The Android SDK makes it easy to write apps that work on all screen sizes, but the problem is this isn’t happening right now, and instead you’ll find most Android apps are scaled up smartphone apps that lack the dedicated design for a tablet as seen with made-for-iPad apps.

Google’s developer resources certainly make it easy for devs to create dedicated Android tablet apps, but in reality there aren’t many apps built for the Nexus 10 display, or in fact most Android tablet displays. In time we hope more devs will care to make apps for Android tablets, rather than smartphone apps with the same layout.

We’ve included a couple of videos below that compare the iPad 4 and Nexus 10, so take a look and then hit the comments with your thoughts. You can also see a visual review of the Google Nexus 10 and LG Nexus 4 here, or some iPad 4 benchmarks in an article from earlier this week.

Written by Daniel Chubb

Daniel is the CEO of Dansway Communications LTD and founder of; a top blog dedicated to breaking tech news, hands-on reviews and delivers real solutions to everyday consumer electronics hang-ups.

Daniel now spends his time keeping an eye on the latest technology and business trends. Also developing other blogs/news sites in the entertainment and business industries.

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I use both Android and IOS, I have a galaxy s2 which in my opinion destroys the iphone 4s and an original ipad which is far better than the other android tabs that I’ve used (arnova 10b g2 and hannspree hannspad which both have poor customizations of android.). I’m about to upgrade my ipad (as it’s a bit bashed now) to either a nexus 7 or Ipad mini and having had a play with both tablets, I’m currently leaning towards the nexus. Android used properly is easily as good as IOS. In the end both have their merits and faults… Read more »

Bill Moore
Bill Moore

Wow. This was SO one sided I can’t even finish reading it. Why bother dude? Don’t call it a review. THIS.. is an ad for Apple.


People who have only used one thing will often say it’s better. That doesn’t mean they are right.

Sheraz Alvi
Sheraz Alvi

There is a big difference in reading about stuff and actually holding it and using it. Just came back from the stores looking at all 7 inch available tablets. Had the money in my pocket to actually buy either the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD. But alas could not feel that connection, that usability that fun which you get from iPad Mini or any iPads. Nexus speaker is too small you cant even hear things properly and the screen lacks the luster and feels like colors have been dimmed out. Kindle Fire HD is flimsy to use with very… Read more »


Wow. What a vacuous review that really doesn’t say anything.

Jacob Arthur Gorny

I’m a Mac mini, Iphone5, iPad, AppleTV 2nd gen owner and know iOS ecosystem very well. I’m planning to upgrade my old Ipad to the new one. Definitely iPad 4. I just love Apple, but I have to say, from what I read here and other places about Nexus 10, it is a great tablet, on par in my opinion with iPad 4 and if Android was my thing, Nexus 10 would be my choice. I only wish one day all Apple competitors improve their design and stop compromising on build quality only to undercut Apple on price.


apple makes excellent products but there are two deal breaking points from their devices 1) Price, apple dont make their pricing competitive all their products are overpriced for one device be that a phone, tablet or pc (Although that is apples Marketing strategy exclusivity + usability) 2) Software, although im not experienced using ios or mac os i respect their ease of use and congratulate them for introducing the older generation to wide use of smart phones BUT i am not a toddler or a computer iliterate war veteran Im technically capable and dont mind playing around with my equipment… Read more »


You know this is not just biased, this is outright deceptive ! You are liars. Most of the features you claim are e clusive to the google tablet have been on the iPad for ages. And syncing ? What syncing? When you mentioned iCloud backup. Wow that sure gets you places.

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