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iOS 7.0.3 crashing and iPad Air flickering problems

Having already reported on the iPad battery problems for those updated to iOS 7.0.3, it seems that is not the only issue with Apple’s tablet following the update. However, it is the iPad Air that seems to be suffering the most, but we cannot be certain how big of a concern this is.

Before we get onto the iPad Air, there have been reports that some people have experienced iOS 7.0.3 crashes, and not one but several times a day for some iPhone and iPad owners. One user said that he “pulled the notification menu down and my iPhone rebooted itself, this happened three times in the same day.”

There are also instances when the iPhone does not respond at all, even when on the lock screen and you try to press a button. Some users have said that the iOS 7.0.3 crash issue happens when running apps in the background or multitasking, but we’d like to know if you have experienced these issues?

iPad Air flickering problems with iOS 7.0.3
iPad Air flickering problems with iOS 7.0.3

Back to the iPad Air, there are two problems as far as we are away, and that is a flickering of the screen and choppy text. The flickering problem could be happening on games that require more from the graphics, but then this should not be an issue with the new CPU and GPU. If you do not believe us then check out the video below, where you can clearly see a graphics glitch on the iPad Air running Asphalt 8.

As for the text, it seems as though some users are seeing choppy text on their iPad Airs, much like you used to see on non-Retina iPads. One iOS device owner said “this could just be a software issue since the update,” but then again his iPad 3 was running the new software and did not have this issue.

We have to wonder if there is a manufacturing issue with the new iPad Air display because we know the screen is much thinner than before?

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