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iOS 6 jailbreak on iPhone 5, Cydia installed

The moment Apple’s iPhone 5 launched we started to hear about an iOS 6 jailbreak, although this didn’t include the 6th generation iPhone and instead targeted older models. The day after launch had been a different story and news quickly spread that an iPhone 5 jailbreak had been accomplished, which proof came via photos on Twitter showing Cydia installed on iOS 6 with an iPhone 5.

Apple’s iPhone 5 jailbreak took under 30 mins and within 24 hours of launch – it is fair to say the groundwork had been done on September 20th, which is when hacker Grant Paul achieved a jailbreak with iOS 6 and the iPhone 4S. When the iPhone 5 release date arrived, the day after, he then got hands-on and found this “even easier” to hack and claimed it took half an hour from “first tuning“. The full story can be understood via his Twitter channel, aka chpwn, and shows his battle with non-believers once he broke the news about the iPhone 5 jailbreak.

On September 21 chpwn tweeted an image of Cydia running on the iPhone 4S with iOS 6, and stated a simple message “Practicing for tomorrow on an iPhone 4S“, which went pretty much unnoticed by the community considering this had been done before with betas. You can see part of that screenshot with the Cydia app installed below.

Then he tweeted a simple message that read “taller screens like Cydia too“, which had obviously been referring to the iPhone 5 being jailbroken with the Cydia app installed. This tweet then met both surprise and criticism, which included people asking if it’s a tethered jailbreak, some denying the images as proof, and others asking when he’ll release it for others to enjoy. The first image he posted of the iPhone 5 jailbreak can be seen below, which simply shows an icon for Cydia.

The next image uploaded to Twitter showed the Cydia homepage on the iPhone 5, and also Apple fans wanted a photo of the device with the bottom row of text from Cydia. Both of these images can be seen below and further prove the iPhone 5 running iOS 6 had been jailbroken within 24 hours from the handsets release.

Would you like to jailbreak iOS 6 and iPhone 5? You can read through this story directly on Twitter from Grant Paul’s tweets, which shows the times he made the news live and also reactions from the social network as he tried to prove what had been done with images. Do you agree with some people that a photo of an iPhone running Cydia isn’t proof that the jailbreak has been done? Some people want a video to further prove this has in fact been achieved.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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John Davis

Hell yeah, this is great news cause I been pulling my hairs out since updating my iphone 4s. I lost Cydia and now I can’t use the bigU Movies app. Hopefully I will be able to instantly download new movies again soon. fingers crossed!!


I do think guys JB ing are the bomb totally dude !!!


Kick back Lil, Jailbreakers

Jon Child
Jon Child

The comment was posted on the incorrect web page. I went onto and subscribed to safe rain as it promised an unlock. So whilst I understand the criticism it was posted as an innocent error and in no way a slur on anyone’s efforts at all…

Morgan F
Morgan F

lol poor Jon ..

Allan J
Allan J

Jon, your first mistake was thinking that you’d ever have to pay for a jailbreak. That’s not how this community works. And Sonny is correct, there are more things to do than just “getting Cydia on an iPhone 5”. Stability, distribution, security, etc. On another note, it’s disappointing to see this entitlement culture we live in, where people feel like they “deserve” the jailbreak, that it should be done as fast as possible, and that it (or proof of such) should be given to them immediately. A select few people put in very hard work to get this done, I’ve… Read more »


That’s because they said several times that’s just a huge step. It’s still other things to do and it’s not available to the public yet.

Jon Child
Jon Child

it doesnt work, paid for the service and no links to ios 6

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